Buboy Fernandez Interview on Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Pacman's Dog, Freddie Roach, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Tons More!
By David Tyler, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 9, 2009) Doghouse Boxing  
Buboy Fernandez has been a lifelong friend for Manny Pacquiao. Buboy’s official title is the assistant trainer for Manny Pacquiao. Let’s welcome him into the doghouse.

Please note this is continuation with our Manny Pacquiao Interview from today.  See bottom for link to Part One: Interview with Manny Pacquiao.

David Tyler – Buboy how would you describe Manny’s condition for this fight?

Buboy Fernandez –
Right now Mannny is 110% in condition for this coming fight with Cotto. We have been preparing like for the previous fights but we have some special training areas for Manny to take advantage of Cotto’s weak spots. Manny knows that Cotto will be his toughest opponent he has ever faced.

DT – How did the training go in the Philippines?

BF –
The training went very well. Many was doing roadwork and other conditioning skills that he does year round prior to training camp where training was moved up a level and the added training of sparring.

DT – So all the rumors that Manny was not in condition were not true.

BF –
Of course. Anyone that knows Manny will tell you that he trains year round and stays in condition. Manny knows that he is a boxer first and his other money making activities such as acting and singing depend on his success as a boxer.

DT – Any riff between Manny and Coach Freddie Roach?

BF –
No, none at all. Freddie Roach is the man, he is the boss. Everyone on team Pacquiao knows that Freddie is the man in charge, we follow.

DT – Does this mean that Freddie is the big boss over Michael Kontz?

BF –
Yes, Freddie is the number one boss. Michael Kontz is an advisor to Manny for money matters, he is also handling press conference schedules and appearances. But make no mistake, Freddie is the man.

DT – Buboy, you have been in Manny’s corner for every fight of his career. Which one make you most excited?

BF –
All of them. I get a special feeling every time that Manny fights. Of course some of his recent big fights have been very exciting like his fight with Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton were special to all his team because we worked so hard getting him prepared. Team Pacquiao knows that the Cotto fight will be tougher than the previous fights because Cotto is the champion and will not be willing to give up that title. Manny must be at his very best condition to beat Cotto and I believe he is in that kind of condition.

DT – Buboy have you ever discussed fighting Mayweather with Manny?

BF –
No, not yet because this fight with Cotto is so important that team Pacquiao is only focused on the Cotto fight.

DT – Buboy, Manny has done a lot of humanitarian work in the Philippines, would he prefer to continue with this type work or does he still want to be in politics?

BF –
That is still the one big dream for Manny so I would say yes he still wants to be involved in the politics of the Philippines.

DT – Would Manny rather be known as a great humanitarian or a great politician?

BF –
I would say both, as he becomes a politician it will allow him to focus more on the humanitarian efforts in the Philippines. One day there will be a Manny Pacquiao foundation that helps others in need.

DT – Where is Manny’s dog, Pacman?

BF –
He needed some additional medical test before they would let him leave the Philippines. Manny’s family is here for support and his Mother will also be here for the big fight.

DT – Will Pacman be here in time for the fight?

BF –
Yes, he will fly from the Philippines in tomorrow.

DT – How?

BF –
Of course, First Class.

Many thanks to Buboy for once again helping out his best friend with this interview. Pacman did arrive the next day, safe and sound. He runs with Manny every morning.

David Tyler

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