Freddie Roach Interview On Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, HGH, Drug Testing, Malignaggi and much More!
By David Tyler, DoghouseBoxing (Dec 30, 2009) Photo © Landry Major  
"Only a fool would trust someone in the boxing business" a quote from Freddie Roach in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

David Tyler - Fred, congratulations on Amir Khan's outstanding victory over Dimitry Salita.

Freddie Roach -
Thank You.

DT - Fred, let's talk about who is in the mix for Pacquiao's next fight.

FR -
Well, you know hopefully Mayweather will not chicken out, if he doesn't want to fight us then hopefully Yuri Foreman for an eighth world title so I'm not going to sit around and wait for Mayweather.

DT - How about Paulie Malignaggi?

FR -
No, we would kill him and I don't want to hurt Paulie.

DT - Fred, why is Pacquiao refusing to take a blood test for the potential fight against Mayweather?

FR -
Well, it's not really Manny but me, the Nevada State commission has been around a long time and is the best commission in the world they have been involved in every fight that I have had in my life. I don't work for Mayweather, he doesn't tell me what to do, he doesn't tell my fighter what to do, we go by the commission rules and by the sanction body rules and that's fine. That's the way boxing has been going for many years and it's good enough for the rest of the world and it's good enough for me.

DT - Fred, can you understand that there are boxing fans out there that believe that if Mayweather Jr. is willing to take random blood test for Performance Enhancing Drugs, then why not Manny?

FR -
I understand but it's all bullshit and here's why, HGH cannot be detected by blood, salvia, or Urine. Now salvia and urine are more complete test than blood for HGH and steroids. I talked to the head guy of the NFL about steroids and he said there is no reason for a blood test like they do with Olympic athletes, unless you are saving it and comparing it one year to another. This is a one fight deal, there is no sense in it. If you really want to get into the technical end of it, and I'm not qualified to do it, but the doctor's I've talked to are and they have said that HGH and any growth hormone cannot be detected by any test.

DT - Fred, I have a graduate's degree in Biochemistry and 30 years experience in developing blood chemistry tests.......I'll leave it alone, let's move forward.

FR -
No wait, you can't tell me that there is a test that can detect HGH or growth hormones.

DT - Fred, I'm not here to make you mad.

FR -
I'm not mad, I'm telling you that you are wrong if you think there is a test for HGH.

DT - Ok Fred, so you are saying that HGH cannot be detected by a blood test?

FR -
Absolutely, 100%, NO! Saliva, blood, or urine.

DT - Freddie, please let's move on. Do you believe that this controversy is a result of the spectacular victory over Miguel Cotto where Manny looked super human?

FR -
Mayweather is just scared.

DT - Fred, Mayweather Sr. seems to be the one doing all the talking.

FR -
Mayweather Jr. is the one making the decisions and he is scared to fight Manny. Are you telling me that the Nevada Athletic Commission, the top commission in the world isn't qualified to do a world title fight?

DT - Yes Freddie, I do believe that they have proven many times that they are capable of hosting world title fights. I also believe that the New York State Athletic Commission has proven that they can hold title fights and also the California State Athletic commission.

FR -
If we were fighting in New York we would go by their rules too. You know what? There is no blood testing in their rules.

DT - Do you have any reason to believe that Manny Pacquiao is taking performance enhancing drugs?

FR -
I have trouble getting Manny to take vitamins, the thing is why is Mayweather making all the rules all the sudden, he is not that fucking big, he doesn't make rules for me, we will go and fight somebody else.

DT - Fred, let's get your position clear, if the fight takes place in the state of Nevada, it should be held under the current rules of Nevada and no blood test?

FR -

DT - Why is the state of Nevada requiring Pacquiao and Mayweather to take a urine test two days from now?

FR -
They want to test both fighters now, before the fight and after the fight.

DT - Fred, you said you would not wait around for Mayweather, what is the drop dead date for Mayweather?

FR -
Well, I'm sure there is a date for HBO and Bob Arum, I know the date is coming up pretty soon, I've got to get my guy ready for somebody and we are fighting on March 13th.

DT - Fred, will Manny be training exclusively here at WildCard?

FR -

David Tyler
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Note: I had to end the interview at this point. Fred was feeling very agitated at any mention of Manny Pacquiao and Performance Enhancing Drugs. I ask Fred if we could do the interview again in the afternoon. Upon returning to the WildCard Gym, Freddie became angry with me when I ask him if he had given an interview to a certain reporter. Fred told me in front of the entire Gym to stop telling him who he could and could not fucking talk to. I was then told by Fred to leave the Gym.

No one has been a bigger advocate for Fred Roach as a human being and a boxing trainer. I have been pushing against the brick walls of the International Hall of Fame for the last four years trying to get Fred inducted into the IBHOF. Maybe I went too far with my questions, maybe Fred was upset as he too stands to lose millions of dollars if the Mayweather fight is canceled. I pray that our friendship can be repaired over time.

This interview was taken verbatim from the tape which is in my possession.

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