Hatton and Alvarez Put on a Thriller, Cui Bono?
By Garth Weaver, Doghouse Boxing (March 8, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Anyone who tuned into this past Saturday night's telecast of HBO "World Championship Boxing" should have felt as though they were getting a really good scrap between Saul "Canelo" Alvarez hailing from Mexico City, against Matthew "Magic" Hatton from Manchester, England. (If you've bothered to read my articles in the past, or not, I DO NOT bother with records as they are generally meaningless; seeing as many people have a tendency to write off a fighter after two whole losses.)

But – I would like to pay some attention to another pair of fighters first.

In some action that was not televised, James "Mandingo Warrior" Kirkland made a return after two years away from Boxing with an annihilation of Ahsandi Gibbs at :34 of the very first round. It's no stretch to say that Gibbs was simply outgunned. Even years ago, this fight probably would not have been made; however, after a lengthy layoff, Kirkland's camp had a good plan by putting him in the ring with the likes of Gibbs. Granted, Gibbs doesn't have the professional experience Kirkland has but is still experienced enough to let Kirkland know where he stood. In turn, Kirkland let the Floridian know where he stood, his hand raised in victory after just 34 seconds of work. I have to admit that it was fun seeing the look of aggression in James Kirkland's face as he was waving to Gibbs to get to his feet as if to say "Get up! Get up so I can punish you some more!"

This brings another fun name to watch in a prospect named Daniel Jacobs. "The Golden Child" (He doesn't N-N-N-NEEEEEED A KNIIIIIIFE!) took half-a-round to dispatch of Robert Kliewer. This TKO win gives him two bounce-back TKO wins since a tough fight with Dmitry Pirog, which Jacobs lost. Pirog is another good fighter whose biggest wins are against Kofi Jantuah and, incidentally, Jacobs. Jacobs went out tonight and did what he was supposed to do- kick some ass.(However I think that Gabe Montoya has him at fight night but don't "get me lyin' to ya'!")

Speaking of, check out Maxboxing.com and view this link with Montoya and Jacobs in a new series called "Fighter vs. Writer." You can see the fun (especially for gamers) right here: youtube.com/watch?v=gb

All at once, the Lone Star State has something (kind of) new to be proud of, if not the judging. And sure, it's often said (a little too much, might I add) that Texans ride horses to school. Hopefully, soon, these fighters will be too busy taking better opponents to school instead.

So while Texans were busy kicking asses on the undercard of this event, another two fighters were trying to kick each others' in the main event with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez fighting Matthew "Magic" Hatton in the main event for the vacant WBC Junior Middleweight title, but there was one person in "Canelo" who doled out the most punishment.

Make no mistake that this fight was for the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) Jr. Middleweight Championship of the World. Sounds like it's prestigious right? Note the word "vacant" as the title and it's rankings are as "vacant" as anything that the World Boxing council has as far as (aside from its apparent "write-as-we-go-rules") any bit of integrity as a sanctioning body, but that is my opinion and I also think that Golden Boy Promotions should die a fiery death too unless Bernard Hopkins is at the helm because unlike Oscar (Yes you Oscar) Bernard isn't...Simply put- a dumbass like I feel Oscar is, but that's just an opinion. Not a fact.

So, we think we have another bullshit catchweight fight below the limit of 154 (Junior Middleweight) and Alvarez is 1.8 pounds heavier than the (Oh, I apologize for not clarifying that the contracted weight for Matthew Hatton and Saul Alvarez was 150) stipulated weight and still stays under the Junior Middleweight limit of 154 lbs. which is the belt BOTH of them fought for.

So the LONE "Magoo" in this one rests upon the W.B.C. and some promotion. (Promoters)


Saul Alvarez and Matthew Hatton kept this new year going with a great fight in which both fighters bombed each other non-stop.

The first few rounds saw us watching a pair of fighters who were not eager to engage.

Then Saul "Canelo" Alvarez starts throwing and while outgunned, Matthew Hatton stayed game and refused to go away. In fact, I was very impressed myself by the resolve that Hatton showed on numerous occasions as he was able to defend himself and land shots of his own. The fight may not have shown Matthew Hatton the win, but it did show that he is one tough son-of-a-gun and I would be pressed to find anyone who watches boxing who will say "Matthew Hatton is a pushover."

Then enter Alvarez. "Canelo" was landing at will by the fourth round and the only thing that he did not do enough of to notch a knockout win was throw uppercuts. When Saul threw the uppercut, he landed at will. When Saul followed up with a right hand or a left-hook when he threw the uppercut, he scored well on Hatton who was bleeding and mildly cut over his left eye as the fight wore on.

I expected Saul "Canelo" Alvarez to viciously knock out the elder Hatton brother, but Matthew Hatton showed resolve as well as the ability to take a punch, so while I will give "Canelo" a "B-plus" and "Magic" a solid "C"…

I give the WBC and the promoters a "D minus" as they both turned the 154 pound title into a 150 pound title. Shame on you.

When you (not the fighters in a great fight) get your heads out of each others asses, maybe you'll fast learn that there have been seventeen weight classes for a reason, and fighting for the 154 pound title at a stipulated weight of 150 is not one of them.

At the end of the day though; Cui Bono – who benefits?

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