Interview Prince Badi Ajamu: Less than contemptuous toward Roy Jones Jr.
Interview by Todd Wood (June 27, 2006)
Photo © Todd Wood
Prince Badi Ajamu was less than contemptuous toward Roy Jones Jr. during his radio interview on the T. Wood Sports Show in Vero Beach Florida Saturday.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to get to know Roy personally because he came before me.” Prince said. “He was the boxer that I watched and that inspired me.”

“Roy was the last person I expected to fight. I always expected to fight Glenn Johnson or Antonio Tarver someone of that stature and here it is I’m fighting Roy Jones.”

“People ask me if I’m excited, I say yes, probably because I never thought I’d be fighting Roy.”

Roy Jones Jr. has an impressive career record of 49-4-0 but has lost his past three fights.

“Roy’s spot is already reserved for him in the Hall of Fame,” Prince said, “When I see that I’m fighting a guy like Roy I have to put the numbers out of my mind and stay focused. I believe some athletes get caught up in the numbers. I see Roy’s numbers and acknowledge them for what they are, but I try not to focus or concentrate on them because I have to continue to build my numbers.

Prince Badi (25 -2-1, 14 KOs) is ranked 5th by the World Boxing Council and 7th by the World Boxing Organization. The “Boxing Prince” will defend his NABO belt against Jones in the 12 round main event July 29th in Boise Idaho.

“Anyone who follows boxing knows I’m not a lay down type of fighter. I come to fight from round one to round twelve. I get late round knockouts, whether it’s the 9th round or the 10th round it doesn’t matter.” Prince stated, “I think it’s going to be exciting for Roy, Myself, and for boxing.

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