Jonathan Reid: "I'm Not Hanging Up the Gloves!"
INTERVIEW By Dan Horgan (July 23, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Season one 'Contender' contestant Jonathan Reid has been in a rut. After winning 33 of his first 34 bouts, ‘Reid Dawg’ has dropped five of his last six fights, failing to capitalize on several big opportunities.

Despite the losses, Reid, 34-6 (19), still feels he has what it takes to be champion. A gym rat with mega confidence, Reid hopes to get several tune up bouts before challenging for a world title. He'll take the first step back into contention Friday Night when he does battle with the streaky Dhafir Smith, 17-16-5 (4), at the New Alhambra
, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

See what Reid had to say in this exclusive interview.

DH: Talk about your opponent Friday Night.

All I know is this: The guy puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else, and he is able to be hurt just like everybody else.

DH: You've been in a bit of a slump lately, dropping your last two bouts. Will you please elaborate on your last two losses to Ossie Duran and Paul Smith?

Well the Duran fight was a lot harder than the Smith fight. We took the Duran fight on short notice, and he is a really good fighter. He has really long arms, and he was ducked by a lot of guys in the division. They also ruled a knockdown against me [in the seventh round] which, according to the tape, was a push. With the Smith fight, they stopped that bout off a push in the seventh round. I have a lot of respect for both guys and I can see both of them becoming world champions.

DH: At the age of 34, what do you feel is left to accomplish in your career?

I want to go into a championship fight with confidence. They say anyone can take part in a championship fight, but I want to go in physically and mentally ready. I'd like to achieve enough so I can retire happily with the name Jonathan Reid in the Boxing Hall of Fame. How about that?

DH: How much longer do you feel you can continue with your career?

I think I can go on another ten years. I really haven't taken much punishment in my career. Everyone keeps telling me I should hang up the gloves, but I'm not hanging up the gloves! The only thing I'll be hanging up is my fur coat after I win my championship!

DH: Is there anything you want to add in closing?

If you are out in Philadelphia, come check out Jonathan ‘Doggy Dawg’ Reid because I am coming to bash some skulls. I would like to say thank you to all of my fans.

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