Adamek Defeats Estrada and Is Now a Player in the Heavyweight Division
By Danny Serratelli at ringside (Feb 7, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Main Events Tomasz Adamek, 40-1, 27 KO's defeated a legitimate heavyweight last night when he captured a 12-round unanimous decision over Jason Estrada, 16-3, 4 KO's. The scores were 115-113 (Steven Weisfeld), 116-112 (Joseph Pasquale) and 118-110 (Laurence Layton). The Doghoueboxing/Brickcityboxing card also read 116-112 when the final bell sounded. Adamek captured the IBF Heavyweight International Championship with the victory. The plan now is for Adamek to fight Chris Arreola in April. Arreola will be by far Adamek's biggest test at heavyweight to date.

There were a lot of strong mixed opinions regarding the scoring of the fight. Despite the disparity a closer look at the scores would reveal consistency as well as the fact that there were many close rounds in the fight. All three judges and the Doghouse/Brickcity card had the 8th and 9th rounds for Estrada. The Doghouse/Brickcity card and 2 of the official judges also gave Estrada the 1st and 6th rounds. Estrada was very upset at the post fight press conference about the scoring, particularly of judge Layton's 118-110, however, outside of the 2 rounds everyone scored for Estrada, the remaining rounds that could have went to Estrada were very close.

For much of the fight the man who decided to do the counter punching and move landed the better shots. Estrada landed some clean left hooks early on, but Estrada acknowledged that Adamek made adjustments later in the fight and seemed to take away the left hook. Adamek was the busier fighter and seemed to land the cleaner punches for most of the fight regardless of the fact that Estrada was the one coming forward. On the few occasions that Estrada used his legs and backed up or moved laterally and countered he seemed to have some of his better moments in the fight.

After the fight Estrada made it very clear that he was very upset after working hard for 8 1/2 weeks to prepare for this fight that he did not get the win. It seemed he was really bothered by the 118-110 score and the fact that he felt he would not get a fair shake on Adamek's home turf. At the post fight press conference Estrada was very emotional and did not pull any punches and while he acknowledged his respect for Adamek as a fighter, however he was very upset about a lot and he did not hold back in making that clear to the press.

Both fighters acknowledged that their opponents fought smart and technical fights in which they had to make many adjustments as the fight progressed. Estrada said, "I am not taking anything away from him, he is a very smart fighter" however he also said that coming into Adamek's home should not have been a factor and he said he felt that he would not have received the decision unless he killed him. One memorable moment in the post fight press conference came when a member of the press asked a question and referenced Teddy Atlas. Estrada was angered and basically said Teddy doesn't know and called him a "glory hound" who's claim to fame is pulling a gun on a 16 year old Mike Tyson.

Both of these fighters will be back and both can be interesting players in the heavyweight division. According to Adamek and his camp the plan for them is to fight Chris Arreola and then Klitschko. In this writers opinion that is a little too agressive of a game plan at this moment when Adamek is at the peak of his popularity, is good for boxing particularly in the Brick City, Newark New Jersey and is Main Events top fighter. The way Adamek sells in Newark it would not be a bad idea to match him with competitive heavyweights like Estrada who he matches up well with. When Adamek fights at "The Rock" the crowd is amazing and if you were to look at the crowd and didn't know any better you would think you were in Poland. Arreola is a much bigger man, a much bigger puncher than anyone Adamek has ever faced and people forget he is a very experienced fighter who is always prepared to go 12 rounds even if he may not always look like he is. If that fight happens it will definitely be a very intriguing match up and boxing insiders seem split on who they would favor.

On an undercard that featured good local talent, super middleweight, Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillan, 21-0, 15 KO's captured a unanimous decision over Fernando Zuniga, 28-10, 20 KO's in a 10 round match up. Zuniga is a solid durable veteran and it is difficult to look good against him, but "Kid Chocolate" did what he had to do in his return to the ring after over a year off.

Local fan favorite, cruiser weight Patrick Farell, 5-0, 3 KO's stepped up his level of competition and was very impressive in a unanimous decision victory over Jon Schneider who fell to 7-5-1, 5 KO's. Farell is a tough fighter who has come a long way in a short time. He always brings a lot of fans and he always comes to fight and put on a show for his fans.

Junior middleweight, Denis "Momma's Boy" Douglin improved to 7-0, 3 KO's with a unanimous decision victory over Eddie Hunter, 3-2, 1 KO.

Super middleweight, Pat Majewski improved to 12-0, 7 KO's when he swept on all 3 cards in a unanimous decision victory over Anthony Pietrantonio who fell to 6-4, 5 KO's.

Junior welterweight Sadam Ali, 5-0, 3 KO's scored a unanimous decision over Jason Thompson who falls to 5-5-1, 4 KO's, Ali represented the USA in the Olympics after winning a controversial decision over another one of the Brick City's rising stars Michael Angelo "The Artist" Perez.

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