“The Brick City Bullet” Alex Perez Shooting To Puerto Rico for a Welterweight Title Showdown
Interview by Danny Serratelli, DoghouseBoxing.com (Mar 11, 2009)
Alex “The Brick City Bullet” Perez is the consummate professional fighter. Fighting out of Newark, New Jersey since his child hood days both in the ring and on the street, “The Brick City Bullet” has acquired a reputation that has helped him on the street, but seems to have hindered him as a professional prizefighter.  Despite the fact that Perez lives in the gym and never out of shape, he has not fought in over a year due to the fact that people do not want to fight him. It is easy to see why due to the facts…Perez is a crafty southpaw who hits hard with both hands, can box, has a big heart
and is a big welterweight.
Perez and manager Jose Rosario are not selective when it comes to opponents.  However it is unfortunate that the same can not be said for the opponents that promoters have found the last few times Perez was scheduled to fight.  Perez trains hard with passion and is always ready for whatever.  He is always around his fighting weight of 147, and he has learned that since he has turned professional that regardless of who the opponent is and despite all the behind the scenes business, he must be always be ready to go.   For his last few scheduled bouts, Perez has had many opponents scheduled to fight and then pull out, possibly after they did some homework.  Manager, Rosario is a highly respected man with integrity in boxing, he does his job, but unlike most managers for undefeated prospects he doesn’t want Perez fighting stiffs.  Rosario knows Perez can handle himself and he is confident in abilities and always glad to have Alex turn it up a notch as a professional.
In his next fight, Perez will be fighting for his first title for the WBC-CABOFE Championship belt.  Perez is excited for the opportunity and has been ready and patiently waiting since his last fight, a war with Corey Peterson who was 7-1 (4) at the time, in Newark back in December of 2007.  That fight was a war that Perez won in convincing fashion despite a fight that broke out in the crowd and continued for at least a round or two.  Perez will be fighting Laureano Laracuente, 5-1-1 (2) for the WBC-CABOFE belt, which is the WBC’s Caribbean Boxing Federation belt which is the Champion of 19 countries in the Caribbean. The fight will take place in Coliseo Luis Aymat Cardona in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico.  It will be promoted by Montalvo’s Promotions.
Danny Serratelli:  Alex, lets get straight to the point, what’s going on with your career, I know you are coming off a little layoff.
Alex Perez: 
People do not want to fight me.  I am ready to fight the best out there, and my manager Jose Rosario and me are on the same page. There are a lot of promoters who want me on their show, because I move a lot of tickets, I make good fights and they know I am all heart and soul and come with 100% in top shape every time out, but the opponents do not want to fight me. I have had a lot of fights where the promoter went through numerous opponents, but in the end they don’t want to fight. I am ready for whoever, whenever, wherever.
DS: Tell me about this fight on this Saturday.
This is a stepping stone for me, I will be fighting for my first belt, a minor belt, but it is a start.  I hope this gives fighters some motivation to try to come get the belt.  God willing all goes my way in Puerto Rico and I bring the belt back to the Brick City.
DS: Tell me about your background briefly.  I know you are 9-0, 6 KO’s as a pro and I know your history, but share it with the readers to give fans some background information.
Dannyboy, you know I have been in camp with the best and I always hold my own and look good doing it.  I am improving as a fighter every day and I have a great team, over at Valentin’s Gym with all of the Brick City Boxing Team. You know we have a team that is like family. That gives me strength, but my real strength comes from my desire to move up for my son, my 8 year old, Alex Perez junior, who can fight himself, better know in the gym as “Little Poppy”.
As far as history, you know I’m not shy and I am no stranger to big events, I was 53-3 as an amateur. Diamond glove champ 3 times, Golden gloves champ 2 times and outstanding boxer of the diamond gloves 2004 and I won the state championship as well.  I have handled my business well in camp with Miguel Cotto, Felix Sturm and Joel Julio and many other top fighters. I am ready to get this belt and step up quickly from here on in.
DS: What do you feel about the shape boxing is in right now? What are you looking for right now, what are your goals?  Tell us about you as a person.
Boxing needs exciting stars who want to fight and I feel I can be one of them throwback fighters, all I need are the opportunities.  I am willing to fight the tough fights and fight often, boxing and my family is my life.  I would love to pick up some endorsements/sponsors and would be a great athlete/person/fighter for all kinds of products, I can use some sponsors.  I am not only that nice in the ring, but I pride myself on being an honest and loyal person. I am real and proud to be with the same people I started with in boxing from day one. My goal is to be world champion as soon as possible.

DS: Do you want to tell me about your team in the Brick City and maybe give some shout outs to people who have helped you and who will take you to the next level.
Dan, I will take it to the next level, but my team is like an extended family.  First and foremost I would like to thank God for blessing me enough to be in this position on the rise in the welterweight division. I’d also like to thank my family who motivated me, again my son “Little Poppy”, my mother, my father William Perez as well as the boys Brian, Easy Mall. Bull, Baba, Freddie, as well as Miss Webb, and Stop Shooting Inc.
Further, my people in the gym, my manager/trainer, Jose Rosario who has been with me from day 1, and all my gym family including my strength and conditioning coach Crunch, you, my main man with a little bit of everything, Danny Serratelli, my boy Dashawn Johnson, Archak Termeliksetian, Omar, Nelson and anyone else….my people know who they are without a doubt. My fans that been keeping up with me. This fight is very important to me, it may be a minor title, but the way I see it, it’s a stepping stone to a world title and will open doors.
DS: Al, anything else in closing?
I am focused and hungry to bring this belt back, God willing the first of many more to come.  I have a hell of a team and God willing everything goes right.  My family and especially my son give me all the more motivation to go all the way to the top.  Thank you again to my team, The Brick City Boxing team, www.Brickcityboxing.com, www.Doghouseboxing.com and all my people, I train, fight and live 100% and I am determined to make it to the top and do it as soon as possible. Thank you!
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