Sit Down in the Brick City with John Duddy
Interview by Danny Serratelli and company, BrickCityBoxing / Doghouse Boxing (April 23, 2009)
John Duddy, 26-0 (17), will have his first fight in New Jersey at the Prudential Center on April 24. The Brick City Boxing team had the chance to talk to him before his Brick City debut on the Main Events Boxing series.

Danny Serratelli: John, Who would you like to fight after this fight?

John Duddy:
Anybody. Anybody who wants to fight me, I don’t care. I leave that up to my manager
and trainer. They make the fights. Believe me, there’s more politics outside the ring than in the ring.

Danny Serratelli: Which fight to date do you feel was your best performance?

John Duddy:
The Matt Vanda fight – and no stitches!

Danny Serratelli: Do you plan to stay active in the USA or to return to Ireland to fight again?

John Duddy:
Wherever the money is I’ll go. I have loyal fans in both places, they give me energy. When I hear the bagpipes and see the fans cheering for me it doesn’t matter where I am.

Danny Serratelli: Do you remember taking a fight with a fighter 2 weight classes heavier than you against then undefeated Victor Paz back in 2004 in upstate New York?

John Duddy:
Of course, I remember it well.

Danny Serratelli: What made you do it at that time when you were a 4-0 junior middle weight and he was a 7-0 super middleweight?

John Duddy:
I thought I could beat him.

Danny Serratelli: Do you feel that sent a message that you were for real?

John Duddy:
I think a knockout sends a real message.

Danny Serratelli: Are you interested in fighting Kelly Pavlik if you can get to where that may be back on the table?

John Duddy:
Of course I am.

Danny Serratelli: How do you feel you match up with Kelly?

John Duddy:
I think I could do very well.

Mike Gawler: With the recent success that Adamek, another European fighter has had in Newark, under Main Events do you feel that a good performance in the Brick City will help you get more into the main stream?

John Duddy:
I think fighting on a whole, and fighting for Main Events is good for any boxer’s career.

Ken Hissner: John will you be staying at 160 or coming down to 154?

John Duddy:
It’s up to my coaches. I’m comfortable fighting at 154.

Ken Hissner: Do you have any interest in fighting Matt Macklin from Ireland?

John Duddy:
I’ll fight anybody. My goal is to stay busy, and get back in the ring as soon as possible.

Harry Jacquin: Growing up were you a fan of Barry McGuigan, Micky Ward or were there any other Irish or Irish-American boxers who have influenced you?

John Duddy:
I was influenced by Ali, Leonard and Duran, but I wouldn’t call them Irish.

Danny Serratelli: John, I have followed you closely ever since that Paz fight in 04 when you knocked him out. All the best from the Brick City Boxing team and good luck on Friday.

John Duddy:
Thank you very much.

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