Interview with Nate Campbell: A New Life at 140
By Rob Tierney for Brick City Boxing and Doghouse Boxing (June 12, 2009)
The word on the street is that Nate Campbell will never see 135 lbs again.  Still, if you ask the former Champion himself, he'll tell you that it really doesn't matter.  The superstars of the Lightweight division have graduated from 135 lbs and are moving on.  The Galaxxy Warrior is going with them.
Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez were the superstars of the Lightweight division.  However, that was yesterday.  Today, they are taking turns swapping fists with the biggest money makers
in the game.  However, there is one man that cannot be counted out of the picture. 
Nate Campbell is poised, anxious and ready for a big payday.  Furthermore, he is feeling stronger, healthier and more comfortable than ever as he looks to open the next chapter in his career at 140.  I caught up with Nate on Wednesday to hear more about his plans for the future.
Rob Tierney:  Nate, how has life been treating you since the Ali Funeka fight?
Nate Campbell: 
It's been what it's been.  Unfortunately, I have been dealing with a few things outside of the ring that has limited my celebration victory.
RT:  Are you still in the gym?  Are you still working?
I'm keeping up with my roadwork.  I'm doing what I need to do.
RT:  It appeared to me after the Funeka fight that you were pretty excited
about moving up to 140.
Oh Yeah!  Let me tell you something.  I am going to be a big 140 pounder.  I will be stronger than ever.  I will no longer have to kill myself in order to make the weight.
RT:  Considering that Ali Funeka was 6 foot 1, do you think that he was a good stepping stone considering that you will be seeing bigger fighters in the new division?
He was just tall.  If I was stronger, I would have knocked him out.  For instance, look at the Juan Diaz fight.  If you watch that fight again, you will see how strong I was.  I felt stronger in that fight than in any other fight.  By the time I fought Funeka, I was just getting to a point that no matter what I did, I couldn't make the weight.  Even when I was in the steam room, my body just wouldn't give it up.  I am looking forward to fighting at 140.  I already feel much stronger.
RT:  When looking at the Light Welterweight dvision, it appears that some of the most substantial opportunities are already taken.  Pacquiao appears to be looking at either Cotto or Mosley.  Manuel Marquez is booked to fight Floyd Mayweather.  Who is the Galaxxy Warrior gunning for?
I'm gunning for Timothy Bradley.
RT:  Really?  Do you think Tim Bradley is the man to beat at 140?
Sure!  However, it could be anybody.  I'm ready for anyone.  If King Kong was the one to beat at 140, then I would be ready to fight him too.  I have been pushing for a fight with Tim Bradley, but I don't have anything to report just yet.  We'll see what happens.  Still, I'm feeling great and I'm ready for anyone.
RT:  It seems as if your career has been on a roll since 2006.  Your undefeated in your last five fights.  Do you feel now as if your fighting at your prime?  Would you say that you have reached your peak?
I've still got a lot to learn.  If you think I am in my prime then that is good.  I can understand why.  I'm fighting as good as I've ever fought, so hopefully things will only get better.
RT:  I have watched a number of Nate Campbell fights and I must say that there has never been a shortage of action.  Do you think that your ability to make crowd pleasing fights will generate bigger opportunities in the future?
Yes I do!  I really believe that.  For instance, a lot of fighters get winded throughout a fight and they hold on.  Look at Ricky Hatton.  One thing you will notice about me is that I make things happen.  I keep fighting no matter what. 
RT:  Looking back, what would you say has been your crowning achievement to date?  If I had to guess I'd say it was the Juan Diaz fight.
In all honesty, my crowning achievement was coming back after the Robbie Peden fights.  You might remember that I was attacked and berated for losing.  How many fighters come back for the better like I did and did what I had to do?  I became a World Champion after the Peden fights by beating Juan Diaz.
RT:  After you defeated Juan Diaz, it was Diaz that landed a big fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.  Do you think Marquez viewed Dian as less of a threat?
Yeah, but they were both with Golden Boy and that made it easier for the fight to come off.
RT:  It must have bothered you.
  It did, but now I am just looking at the future.
RT:  Nate, you just noted an important detail.  You were the Lightweight Champion of the World.  What else could you do in your career to top that achievement?
I want to become the Junior Welterweight Champion of the World.  I want to be the best at 140.
RT:  Outstanding!  In addition to that, is there anything else you would like to accomplish before the end of your career?
I want to make the kind of fights that people remember.  Once again, I am stronger at 140 and ready to fight.  I'll fight anyone and I'll fight to the end so the crowds are entertained.
RT:  Well Nate, it looks like the move up in weight will only enhance your career.  I wish you the best of luck and hopefully things will work out with either Timothy Bradley or one of the other belt holders in the near future.  I think I speak for all fight fans when I say that I am looking forward to seeing you in the ring again.
Thanks Rob
Nate Campbell was scrutinzed after the Funeka fight back in February for failing to make weight.  However, it may have been a blessing in disguise as larger paydays and bigger fights await him in the future at 140.  Talks about a fight with Junior Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley are nothing more than hearsay at this time.  Still, it appears that the Galaxxy Warrior has a lot of fight left in him for the future.   If fight fans like what they have seen of him thus far, they can only expect him to further their appreciation as he contiunes his career at a more comfortable weight in the future.

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