Alex Perez: “I’m Cracking the Top Ten in my Next Three Fights”
By Rob Tierney (Sept 29, 2010) Doghouse Boxing
Photo: Alex Perez
Alex Perez has made a promise. He has vowed to crack the top ten in boxing’s most talent rich division in his next three fights. However, in order for Alex to accomplish this goal, three men have to be willing to step up and face him. So far, the line is empty.

Boxing’s big night in Atlantic City this weekend starring Sergio Martinez and Darren Barker, as well as Andy Lee and Brian Vera, has been rounded out and ready for months with one exception. An undercard opponent for Alex “The Brick City Bullet” Perez is still unnamed in the days leading up to fight night.

Still, to those who know him, it makes perfect sense. Alex has faced more adversity throughout his life than anyone could possibly offer him inside the ring. Therefore, it isn’t shocking that Alex is still without a dance partner for Saturday night’s schedule of brawls at the Boardwalk Hall.

An opportunity to stand in harm’s way has never looked attractive no matter how it is offered. Therefore, finding three little pigs to willingly arrive at the slaughterhouse over the next twelve months so that Perez can pave his path to stardom won’t be easy either. This week, Alex is in training in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey with no photograph to place on his mirror. Still, he is ready for whoever shows up on Saturday in Atlantic City.

This week, Alex shared more thoughts on his past as well as what fans can expect in his future.

Rob Tierney: Alex, how difficult is it to prepare for an unnamed opponent?

Alex Perez: At this point, I’m getting ready for whoever. This is what I do. This is my life. I would like to say though that I don’t break contracts. It could be King Kong. I’ll be ready to fight him.

RT: You mention broken contracts. How are you left without an opponent in the days leading up to the fight?

AP: Initially, I was supposed to fight Brian Vera’s brother Gilbert. However, he pulled out. I guess his heart is suspect. Still, I am ready to fight anyone. I am hoping that by tomorrow, or at least by fight night, someone shows up.

RT: I know that you have had a tough path thus far both inside and outside the ring. Yet, you are still fighting despite 14 opponents that attempted to put a loss on your record and a court room that, you claim, unjustly tried to convict you. You are still here. How difficult has it been to stay focused on the goals that you have set for yourself throughout this rocky ride?

AP: I’m a real fighter inside and outside the ring. I had a lot of ups and downs. Not only am I undefeated, I’ve been shot up and I also faced thirty years in prison. Still, with the support of my team, Jose Rosario, my manager Danny Serratelli my advisor/lawyer, and Lou DiBella, my promoter and many others, I didn’t back down and I am here and ready for whoever is willing. I just don’t know if anyone is willing.

RT: What specific goals do you have for yourself right now?

AP: Right now, my goal is to crack the top ten in my next three fights. That’s right! I’m cracking the top ten in my next three fights.

RT: Really?

AP: Absolutely!

RT: Is there anyone in particular that you are looking to fight in the top ten? Do you have your eyes on anyone that you would like to call out?

AP: Not at all! One thing about me that everyone should know is that I just look at whoever they put in front of me. We all know there is no guarantee in the hurt business so I bring my game to every single fight. I’ll fight anyone!

RT: There is a hotbed of talent at Welterweight. Mayweather, Pacquiao and Ortiz are out there at 147 and the division is not going to be easy to compete in over the next few years. Do you plan on fighting at Welterweight for a while?

AP: Right Now? Yes! I see myself staying here with ease. I have no problem getting to the weight. I have made 147 every time I have tried. There are no concerns.

RT: What are your thoughts about fighting on such a big HBO ticket? I know that it is going to be untelevised and you have already been on ESPN. However, are you thinking about the crowd at all? Is there any added pressure?

AP: Not at all! You know what Rob; my virginity is in the books when it comes to big crowds already. I was on the undercard of the Cotto-Quintana fight as well as an Arturo Gatti fight. This is just another day at the office. This will not be anything new for me.

RT: Boxing fans love knockouts and many fans would like to see more of them on big tickets. Do you feel like a knockout is necessary in order to gain notoriety on a big night like this one?

AP: I mean I would be lying to you if I said I am not going for the knockout. So, if I have to punish him physically for eight rounds in order to get it I will. I want to make an impression.

RT: Well Alex, is there anything you would like to say to all the fans that will be in attendance on Saturday night, especially those coming from your hometown of Newark?

AP: I just want to thank my team, my supporters and everyone who is looking to see me perform. It has been a tough road but I want to thank God for bringing me to where I am right now.

RT: Well thank you Alex! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday night.

AP: Thank you!

At the time of our discussion on Tuesday night, Alex was still without an opponent. However, should one sign the dotted line by fight time, it would be worth it for all the fight attendees planning to arrive in Atlantic City on Saturday night to attend the card early. Alex Perez is not a typical untelevised, undercard fighter. He is a prospect in the making. An opponent is still being promised to him by Saturday night and Alex has every intention of stepping into the ring on Saturday night.

Unfortunately, not having an opponent in the fight game is sometimes more detrimental than facing even the most dangerous opponent of all. Above all things, a fighter needs to fight in order to continue building his fan base and representing his hometown. Hopefully, another fighter will step up and fight Alex on Saturday night so that the fight game will have an opportunity to witness a new welterweight star in the months and years ahead.

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