Interview: Tommy "The Razor" Rainone Is Coming To MSG For Blood
By Danny Serratelli (Oct 25, 2010) Doghouse Boxing
Photo: Tommy “The Razor” Rainone
Danny Serratelli:  How are you Tommy? First tell me where you are training and who you have been working with?

Tommy “The Razor” Rainone:
I train at the Westbury boxing gym on Long Island, in New York. I go to other gyms here and there for sparring but Westbury is home and I get good work there as well. Besides myself we have some good up and coming pros training out of the gym like Michael Brooks, Cletus Seldin, Rich Neves, Marcus Bianconi, and Jacques Louis. Guys like Paulie Malignaggi, Chris Algieri and Mike Ruiz come by often and some solid amateurs as well so I really enjoy training there and have my entire career, it’s a second home to me.

DS: Who is training you and what's your situation with management?

. I have the same trainer I've had since I turned pro Jorge Gallardo who trained former IBF junior welterweight champion Jake Rodriguez and also trained Willy Wise who beat Julio Cesar Chavez, I trust Jorge, he was a solid fighter and is a solid trainer, Jake actually started working with us two fights back in April so it's great to have a second pair of eyes and being that he is a southpaw like me an was trained by Jorge our styles are very similar so I’ve been able to absorb some of the things he has showed me rather quickly. I’ve self- managed myself my entire career with the exception of a 3 fight sting in 2008, where I went with a manager and things did not work out so I went back to handling my own business, but I may be looking for a new manager in 2012. I've taken myself about as far as I can so in order to get better fights and move forward I’m going to need a little help and will find the right person.

DS: How does it feel to be fighting on a big card at Madison Square Garden?

TR:. It feels great to be fighting at Madison square garden again on a big card, Nonito Donaire is a top 5 pound for pound fighter in boxing and one of the most exciting fighters in the world so it is an honor to open up for a great champion like him and I’ll have a ton of crowd support on the 22nd.

How do you feel about your opponent Brad Jackson?

TR: My opponent Brad Jackson is from Denver Colorado, he has 20 fights 13 wins 6 loses a draw and 7 KO’s. I have the toughest fight on the under card in paper. I could have tried to go with a softer touch and was offered a couple of guys I feel I would have handled easy, one of which I already handled easy but that would be treading water and that’s something I am not interested in doing. Jackson is going to be a good solid test for me and I feel like he is a step in the right direction, I would have loved to fight a guy like this a year or 2 ago but a lot goes on behind the scenes from a business perspective which sometimes makes it impossible for the fighter when you don't have the backing of a promoter.

You have been around a while, is there anyone you want to fight if all goes well on the 22nd?

I’ve got my eye on a few guys that I would love to fight after this but I can’t worry about anything besides Brad Jackson right now. After the 22nd it’s a different story and I look forward to 2012 being a break out year for me because I have a lot to show, but all that matters right now is Oct 22 because I won’t over look this guy, he isn't traveling to NYC to give me anything, I have to take it.

Tommyboy, in your last 8 fights you’re at .500, what happened lately and what have you changed moving forward that is getting you back on track heading into 2012?

TR: I went through a patch of inactivity were I wasn't able to stay busy after my 10th pro fight, as you can see by my record I was extremely busy in the beginning of my career and the busier a fighter is the better, more so for a guy like myself who relies heavily on timing, rhythm and reflexes. Ii had 10 fights in the 1st 13 months of my career so I was always in top shape, full of confidence and firing on all cylinders, from there I only fought 9 times in 3 plus years with a couple of 6 to 8 month layoffs. I fought just once in 2009 and twice in 2010. I was having trouble getting fights and it was just a rough couple of years boxing wise. I lost a couple of close questionable decisions during that time. When I fought at Yankee stadium I was a shell of myself that night, no excuses, I had a lot of trouble making weight for that fight and was done before I stepped in the ring I just didn't know it until the bell rang but who's fault is that? Mine and I take 100 percent responsibility, I shot myself in the foot and its only me to blame for that fight, I take nothing away from my opponent who came to fight hard and win. I learned from my mistakes, these dudes like Shane Mosley, David Haye, Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz make me sick. They lose a fight and right away come with excuses from blisters, to broken toes, to steroid allegations to cheap shots, I keep it a bit more humble, if I lose I take the blame and go back to the gym to work harder and improve instead of looking for excuses and reasoning. The most important thing for me is stay active and this is as active as I've been since 2008, that's a fact and my performances the last couple of fights have shown what I can do when I'm right and MSG on the 22nd will be no different; I'm not coming off a long layoff and I'm feeling good.

Tommy, what has been your toughest fight to date?

TR: My toughest fight believe it or not came against a guy who was 3-5 which shows you just how deceiving records can be, it was my 8th pro fight in Saratoga against a guy named Jorge Delgado who didn’t do much before we fought and hasn't done much since but on that night he was a sharp counter puncher and gave me hell. I was winning that fight but tiring in the 3rd round and he was coming on big. I hurt him with a big right hook and had him out on his feet and stopped momentum otherwise there was a good chance of me taking my 1st pro loss or a draw that night. My inexperience at the time was getting the better of me as I usually don't get hit much but got hit more then I would have liked to in that fight which made me panic a bit and lead to me tiring but my power bailed me out. I'm a lot calmer and more experienced now but that was a night I really had to gut it out and show some serious heart.

DS: What’s the plan moving forward and do you have anyone you would like to thank?

TR: I'm working hard, training smarter and fighting very relaxed, I sparred 8 rounds Sat and wasn't even breathing heavy, from here on out it’s all about staying busy and staying active, keeping myself in shape, after the inactivity of 2009 and 2010 this year has been great and after this one I'm hoping to have one more fight before the end of the year.

I want to thank all my fans, family and friends for there support. There is going to be a huge crowd supporting me and the cheers always lift me up, and I want to thank my sponsors, VITAMINSANDPROTEIN.COM , www.NEWDYNAMX.COM and TWIN COUNTY HVAC for their support. I also want to thank BRICKCITYBOXING.COM!!

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