"The Brick City Bullet" Alex Perez Is GUNNING For the Top Dogs in the Welterweight Division
Interview by Danny Serratelli (Oct 28, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Raquel Gonzalez)
Alex "The Brick City Bullet" Perez, 9-0, 6 KO's will be the co-feature on the inaugural show being promoted by Mike Indri's New Jersey based Dignity Promotions, which will also feature former light welterweight world champion "Vicious" Vivian Harris, 28-3, 18 KO's. Perez is a hungry fighter, who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. He doesn't hide behind cautious managers and legitimately wants to fight the best fighters in the division as soon as possible.

Danny Serratelli: Bullet, like the Tupac and Micky Rourke movie, good flick…I like the name, besides from the fact that I gave it to you, explain why?

Alex Perez: You know D, I got caught up in the streets and I feel that probably cost me the opponent to compete for the Olympic squad. From 15 to 17, I was caught up in the streets in Newark, the Brick City…I had an amateur record of 53-3, with most of that coming in international competitions in England, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico,

etc…I was a 2 time golden glove champ, 3 time diamond glove, I won the state championship. One of my best amateur moments was winning outstanding boxer of the tournament at the diamond gloves in 2004.

I decided it was time to turn pro in Newark on December 9th, 2004, but soon after I got shot on Decempber 28th. I got hit in the chest and in the ribs, but I am a quick healer and I was back in the ring 6 months later scoring my 2nd first round knockout in 2 fights. SO the name is for a few reasons, bullets can't stop me and I hit and fast and hard as a bullet, and obviously I am from the Brick City, those are my streets.

DS: What was the story with the shooting?

You know D, just jealous haters from the street that didn't want to see me rise.

DS: I hear you, and it shows balls to get right back in there and continue to do what you do.

It's my job my man, and as soon as I was able, I had to go back to work.

DS: As a pro who have you had the opportunity to go to train and go to camp with and how did you make out?

I have been in a lot of great camps in which I have continuously upped my game. I was in Felix Sturm's camp for title fight in Germany, I helped Miguel Cotto get ready for Carlos Quintana, and I have been to camp with Joel Julio, many very good fighters.

DS: So you are 9-0 with 6 KO's as a pro and I know first hand that it has been tough getting you fights, and that team Perez isn't big on ducking anyone.

You know it as well as anyone. We just want to stay busy and will fight anyone. I am hungry for real! I am doing this for my family and mostly for my 8 year old son. I don't want him to have to be in the same ghetto as me much longer, he is my pride and joy. I will keep giving every once of blood, sweet and tears and can not be denied.

DS: How did you make out with Cotto and the big boys when you worked with them?

I did real well with all those guys; Joel Julio recently called me back. I was the only guy really holding my own with Cotto when he was training for Quintana (before Cotto destroyed Quintana). Cotto was breaking everyone and sending them home. He was hurting everyone with body shots. I gave him great work and he respected me a hell of a lot and I got paid the most.

DS: What do you feel are the assets you possess that will take you to the top of the division sooner rather than later?

I'm a big big welterweight and I got power in both hands. I am slick defensively when I need to be, have a good chin and a big heart. I am the total package.

DS: You haven't been as active as I know you would want to be, what do you think about that?

Hope fully this is just a hump, people claim they boxers they gotta step up to the plate, we don't worry about no records, I been trying to fight, period, anyone any time any place. I am always ready to go and I really want to be more active.

DS: Do you have anyone in mind, what are you thoughts regarding the current state of the division.

Boxing needs exciting young stars who want to fight. I can be one of those types of throw back fighters. Despite the fact that I'm only 9-0 right now, I feel I am ready for anyone Margarito, Paul Williams, any of them. I pay my dues daily and have been since I was a kid, but now it is time for "The Brick City Bullet" to Hit Em Up. I am psyched to do what I do this Wednesday and I hope to stay busy and get one of the big dogs as soon as possible. I feel I match up well anyone, even someone like Margarito. He is 5'11, I am 6'1, and as I said I am big at 140, hit hard with both hands and come to fight every day, I hope to get a big fight like that in the near future.

DS: Any final words for your present or future fans?

Yeah, Dan thank you and www.Brickcityboxing.com , www.Doghouseboxing.com my trainer /manager Jose Rosario and my cousin and training partner who is also making his pro debut on this show, Mike Perez. All of us have been together since the beginning at Red Brick Gym and Team Perez and the Brick City Boxing Team is taking over in 2008 and 2009. I also want to thank all my fans and guarantee them that they will definitely get their money's worth any time they come and see me and Mike do what we do. Thank You.

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