Promethean Logic- Jan. 21, 2011
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It’s all about March 12th, apparently, in this edition of Logic. I won’t bore you with all the details so…read on, Howlers!

First…a special announcement about a special announcement…

I’m not giving all the details in this edition of Logic but I’m going to make a very special announcement very soon regarding how YOU can get your hands on an original, custom-made piece of Coyote Duran (that’s me) art. Make sure you stay tuned because, on Saturday, I’ll be making this announcement in the Maxboxing and Doghouse Boxing message board forums, at, and Now back to your regularly scheduled Promethean Logic

Duddy do it for the right reasons?…

On Tuesday, John Duddy, on the cusp of a March 12 showdown with Irish counterpart Andy Lee, abruptly announced his retirement. In walking away, Duddy forfeits a $100,000 purse but insists he’s not doing it for any other reason than just not having the fire and desire anymore. But with all the anticipation (and our very own Steve Kim really put it in perspective when he compared Duddy-Lee to the first Micky Ward-Arturo Gatti bout in 2002 right here:, one has to wonder how long Duddy has been “soul searching.” I mean, the bout wasn’t just thrust upon us so how difficult did it have to be for Duddy to turn this fight down and walk away? On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder if Duddy is feeling just a little weird, or even exploited, about having to once commit to an all-Irish throwdown on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Needless to say, if Duddy’s motivation, or lack thereof, is genuine, then I certainly hope the rest of Duddy’s days are happy…but I honestly doubt he stays away from the fight game for long. I predict Duddy returns within a year.

Another sick-ass brawl for the ages…

…for about seven or eight rounds. Of course, it might just be me but thanks to the wisdom of the sanctioning body whose junior middleweight belt Miguel Cotto holds, we’re going to get the March 12 bomb-fest we lost when Duddy-Lee went belly-up. And if you didn’t catch it when you read “wisdom,” I was being sarcastic. For whatever reason, former World Welterweight Champion Ricardo Mayorga “earned” his shot at Cotto’s alphabet strap by dispatching 19-6-2 Michael Walker in December, fulfilling a formula started in 2003 with his December loss to Cory Spinks. Since then, “El Matador” has lost exactly every other fight, his last three losses by stoppage. Unless Mayorga gets in that one lucky, crazy-angled punch, he’s getting dropped like an Astroglide-dipped Hefty bag full of bowling balls. Is it a fight we had no business seeing? Sure? Am I excited about it? Yep. And I like Mayorga a lot. I never take his rants seriously and his over-the-top personality is that professional wrestling approach I alluded to in a previous Logic that boxing needs. It’s hyping, people, not scripting. Did you catch his pre-fight presser against Walker when he blew smoke in “The Midnight Stalker’s” face then knocked him off-balance? It’s that sort of wacky spirit that I’ll truly miss and makes me wish he had much more skill and that his best wins weren’t just downright flukes.

Look! It’s bird sh*t! It’s plain ridiculous! It’s “Octo-Man”!...

Jose Sulaiman has struck again. In his quest to slowly build the “legacy” of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., the “Octo-Man” (and if you don’t know why I coined him as such, shame on you…but seriously, email me and I’ll tell you) has stripped World Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez of his version of Sulaiman’s sanctioning body’s belt and deemed “interim titlist” Sebastian Zbik his “undisputed middleweight champion” (which, in context to his organization’s initials, couldn’t be more oxymoronic…emphasis on the “moronic” part). Not long after, Sulaiman bestowed the haughty honorific of “champion emeritus” upon “Maravilla” and threw in a vacant “diamond belt” just for good measure as the top prize for Martinez’s March 12 defense (and it is a defense, people. Martinez is still the champion, no matter what the Green Greed Machine claims) against Sergiy Dzinzuruk. As for Chavez Jr. being molded for the Green Greed Machine’s highest spot in Middleweightland? Well, it’s no secret that Junior’s getting the first crack at Zbik, regardless of the outcome of his January 29th meeting with Billy Lyell. It’s simply another way for Sulaiman to get his gnarled hooks into the son of a legend who carried the sanctioning body’s straps for most of his title-holding career, starting in 1984 against Mario Martinez. Just think; in about 25 years, Chavez Jr.’s son will be handed his first green strap by Sulaiman too. And it will be THE “Octo-Man” himself…because evil never dies.

He may be named “Churro” but there’s nothing soft and sweet about him…

It was nothing short of awesome talking to independent animator Jim Lujan, a longtime boxing fan and creator of “The Legend of Bobby Churro” for my recent piece ( on his latest creation. “Legend” is about a tough-luck journeyman who makes his bones from throwing fights. Yes, it’s short but oh-so-entertaining and if you haven’t seen it, you can find it right here: Click YouTube Video on the Left or click

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