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Interview with WBC Cruiserweight Champion Wayne “Big Truck” Braithwaite
Oct 29, 2003: Interview By Ed Ludwig

On December 13th live from The Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ defending WBC Cruiserweight Champion Wayne Braithwaite (19-0 16 KO’s) will make the second defense of his title against the relatively unknown Panamanian challenger Luis Andres Pineda (17-3 15 KO’s). The native of Georgetown, Guyana is targeting O’Neil Bell and IBF Champion James Toney. Braithwaite is willing to fight anybody that stands in his way in pursuit of his dream of becoming the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion. I would like to thank Wayne for taking the time to speak with Doghouse Boxing.

Ed Ludwig: Many boxing insiders are expecting great things from you as your career progresses. For people that are not familiar with Wayne Braithwaite can you tell them a little bit about yourself?

Wayne Braithwaite: It all started when I was at a friend’s house back home in Guyana and he showed me some boxing trophies and I thought I could do that too and then I decided to start boxing. I started my amateur career and eventually it took off from there. Growing up I never really had any idols in the sport nor did I even watch it much but the sport itself I love. Cricket, Soccer and Basketball have always been very popular sports in Guyana.

EL: Did your boxing career play a part in you leaving Guyana and moving to the United States?

WB: That was the only reason I left so I could lay down the foundation for my professional career.

EL: Your victory over Dale Brown back in 2000 was somewhat of a breakout fight for you as many people knew Brown from his failed yet brave title challenge against former champion Vassiliy Jirov. For you, this was your eleventh pro fight and a huge step up in class. Do you agree this was the turning point in your career after stopping Brown in eight rounds?

WB: It was a really big fight for me and my breakout fight. I knew in my heart that I could beat him as I trained very hard and was very confident. It was the fight I really wanted to win.

EL: Initially your fight with Vincenzo Cantatore was postponed on numerous occasions before you finally got in the ring and beat him for the vacant title. How frustrating was it for you having to deal with the constant delays?

WB: It was very frustrating as I was ready to fight and then having to deal with it being called off. I don’t really know where the problem was but Cantatore did not want to fight me. It might have had something to do with the promotional end of it but who knows.

EL: There was a rematch ordered and Cantatore once again was reluctant to fight and he subsequently declined a title shot and decided to look in another direction. What was your reaction?

WB: The thing is that he just doesn’t want to fight me and the only ones pushing the fight was his promoter. Cantatore knows he would not last the distance and I would bet my life on it.

EL: After James Toney’s recent victory over Evander Holyfield have you given any thought about following his path to the Heavyweight division or are you comfortable at Cruiserweight?

WB: I am very happy with where I am right now. I want to be the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion and I will fight anyone to make it happen including James Toney should he stay at Cruiserweight.

EL: James Toney said that he does not think much of you and it would not be difficult beating you. What did you think of those comments?

WB: I have a lot of respect for James Toney as a person but as a fighter I don’t because he thinks he’s more than he is. I really don’t care if he takes me seriously or not. To be the best you have to fight and beat the best and I won’t take anything away from him in that regard. Toney is not really anything special. He was always fat and out of shape as a Cruiserweight and now he fits right in as a Heavyweight.

EL: What do you think of the WBA champ Jean Marc Mormeck and WBO champ Johnny Nelson?

WB: I have never seen any Jean Marc Mormeck or a Johnny Nelson fights. From what I have heard they are good champions.

EL: Titles and money aside what are the fights out there you would like to make happen?

WB: I think for one it would have to be James Toney but I would love to fight all the top fighters.

EL: Why is there so much tension between you and O’Neil Bell?

WB: I don’t like the guy and I never have. We never met in person but he talks a lot and runs off a bit much with his mouth. One day we will fight and I look forward to it. Bell is a good fighter but nothing special. For me this is personal and I can’t wait to fight him.

EL: Thank you for taking the time to speak with Doghouse Boxing.

WB: Thank you and I just want to let everyone know that I am ready and focused for my fight on December 13th. I am prepared to fight the full twelve rounds if it goes that far. I will take on all challengers including Toney, Jirov, Bell and anyone else in the division.

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