A Blessing In Disguise: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight Off
By Eric Marks, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 20, 2010) DoghouseBoxing (Photo © DHB)  
If there is any good in the cancellation of the Floyd Mayweather Jr./ Manny Pacquio mega-fight it’s this: March 13th was too soon to promote this megafight. Virtually all fans know this even though they would prefer to see the fight with a short promotion period than not at all. But most enthusiasts probably understand that this fight will eventually take place most likely in the Fall of this year.

The current cancellation allows for each fighter to take a fight in between and create a huge promotional period when the fight does in fact occur. So in this regard this fight being off could actually prove beneficial in the long run. And maybe, just maybe, this was a strategy all along: to use the drug testing as a means to delay the fight so it can occur at a later time making it a bigger event.

I understand the impatience and disappointment at this fight not being made and it certainly seems like a huge blow to boxing, but we have to look at the positive side and hope this is just a stepping stone to something bigger. Pacquiao is set to face Joshua Clotty on March 13 and perhaps Mayweather will face a high caliber opponent shortly after that. And if they both get by their respective opponents then we can revisit the situation with greater hype, anticipation, and sense of history making this current setback a blessing in disguise.

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