Sharkie's Machine - Victor Ortiz Dominates 38 year-old Nate Campbell
By Frank Gonzalez Jr., exclusive to DoghouseBoxing (May 17, 2010)  
Congratulations to Victor Ortiz, who put on a terrific performance in his dominating victory over once great former champion, Nate Campbell. This ten round contest was a blowout from the opening bell to the last. There were no momentum shifts, no dramatic moments, just Ortiz dancing around Nate Campbell and scoring nearly at will. Nate was slow and unable to get into any kind of rhythm. Whenever Nate was able to land, it was always one at a time and rarely any follow up. Ortiz was faster, fresher and the more athletic puncher. If he needed to boost to his confidence, this was it.

And so it was, Saturday night in Madison Square Garden in NYC, where 38 year-old Former Lightweight titlist, Nate “The Galaxxxy Warrior” Campbell (33-6-1, 25 KO’s) was rendered ineffective all night long by the 23 year-old, Golden Boy Promotions prospect, “Vicious” Victor Ortiz (27-2-1, 22 KO’s). This 140 pound contest saw Campbell lost in a maze, looking old and past it, while Ortiz was discovering his rhythm and confidence.

This was a completely one sided contest. The first couple of rounds saw a few exchanges, mostly Ortiz landing the better shots and Campbell rarely landing anything flush. Ortiz’ speed, mobility and ring generalship were spot on and effective all night.

I couldn’t find a single round to give Nate Campbell, who though he tried, didn’t have any answers on how to deal with the fast, mobile Ortiz. Ortiz punched, then circled right, punched, then circled left and always left Nate guessing which way he was going. Boxing is the art of hitting without being hit and Saturday at the Garden, Ortiz put on a clinic.

The official scores were: Don Trella and Julie Lederman had it 100-89 and Tom Shreck had it 99-90, all for Ortiz.

Ortiz experienced the highs of being a prize fighter after beating Mike Arnaoutis in March 2009. Then he felt the lows, after losing by TKO in six to WBA “interim” titlist, Marcos Maidana. The Maidana fight was very explosive and saw both men score a few knockdowns through the fight. Ortiz questioned his own toughness after that fight, leaving questions about whether he had the heart for this sport. After a couple of relatively easy match ups, Ortiz managed to get back into the groove. His management is bringing him along carefully and by today’s standards, he’s on track to being a star in Oscar’s stable.

Golden Boy crafted this match up to elevate and reinforce Victor Ortiz’ faith in himself. Clearly that worked. Before the fight, Nate was noted for saying, “They picked me cause they think I’m shot.” He was right, they did and he is. After Nate’s lackluster performance against Tim Bradley a few months ago, he seemed a perfect choice as a smallish Jr. Welter against a big one in Ortiz.

It was almost sad for this old fan of Nate Campbell to watch him lose every single round on my card. Sad to see him rendered ineffective against a mere prospect. But if Nate didn’t know what time it is, clearly Father Time has made it clear that he spares no man and after what we saw Saturday night, Nate’s looking ripe for retirement. Whatever he does, I wish him all the very best. With some hard work, he will make a fine gatekeeper if he wants.

Youth is on Ortiz’ side and this is the time to stay active. There’s some tough customers at 140 that include the likes of Devon Alexander, J.M. Marquez, Andreas Kotelnik, Tim Bradley, Amir Khan and even Ricky Hatton. It’s unlikely that Oscar puts Ortiz in too tough too soon, so guys I’d like to see Ortiz fight in the interim include Lamont Peterson, Kendall Holt and even Demetrius Hopkins.

Obviously a rematch against Marcos Maidana would be highly anticipated and bring good ratings to HBO. I doubt that’s that thinking over at Golden Boy. Though Maidana beat Ortiz; it was a very good action fight that might’ve gone either way. As it turned out, Maidana had the edge at the right time and his last knockdown proved enough was enough for Ortiz that night. Since boxing is not structured, or based on merit, there’s no reason Oscar can’t arrange that rematch so long as Maidana is available. A win over Maidana would put Ortiz at the top of the division, right next to Tim Bradley. Another loss to Maidana could mark the beginning of a great new rivalry. It’s a win-win situation for fans. Let’s hope it happens some day while its still relative.

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