Roman Karmazin Comes from Behind to Stop Dionisio Miranda
By Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing (Jan 9, 2010) Article provided by MaxBoxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
In front of a near sold out crowd at the Glendale Civic Auditorium in Glendale, CA, Roman Karmazin (39-3-1 with 25 KOs) scored a impressive come from behind knockout of Dionisio Miranda (20-4-2 with 18 KOs) in the tenth round of their scheduled 12 round IBF middleweight title fight eliminator.

It was an interesting crowd filled with famous fighters and entertainers like Lamon Brewster, “Cool” Vince Philips, Charles Dutton, Cedric the Entertainer, and James Toney. For a room that probably seats in the neighborhood of 2000, the crowd felt bigger, roaring with each punch their hometown favorites landed or came close to and cheering on the best round card girls I’ve seen since the last time I was at the Tachi Palace. I’ll definitely be back for another installment of “Glendale Glory” promoted by Art of Boxing promoter Kahren Harutyunyan.

The main events action started tentative with both men using their jabs and establishing their personal terrain. A low blow by Miranda earned him a warning from ref James Jen-Kin. Karmazin pressed the action, working up and down to the head and body but was blocked for the most part. Karmazin continued working combos and seemed somewhat like he was gaining control. Miranda tried a right but was blocked. A looping right by Miranda was blocked and Karmazin flurried in reply to end the round. A sign of things to come was a long right hand by Miranda that landed as he backed Karmazin to the ropes. K moves to the ropes to end a somewhat uneventful first round.

In round two, Miranda stepped it up behind multiple jabs. Karmazin partially landed a left hook that got the crowd going. Another long right hand landed for Miranda and this time it rocked Karmazin. They traded at the bell and Karmazin landed a left hook to close out the round.

Things turned ugly for Karmazin in the third as he ate a hard right hand from Miranda that hurt him badly. His legs buckled and Miranda jumped all over him, digging to the body and shooting lefts and rights upstairs. Karamzin moved and slipped shots in an attempt to get his legs under him and Miranda let the moment get away from him. Karmazin flurried to the body but there was no steam on his shots. Another right hook lands and Karmazin was rocked again. But still, Miranda did not press the action as much as he should have. Karmazin landed two rights but they seemingly had no effect. A one-two landed for Miranda and Karmazin came back with one of his own at the bell.

In the fourth, Karmazin seemed to have his legs back. He landed a left to the body but his follow up combo was blocked. Karmazin got off a hard jab with a hook off it and then another. Both men looked tentative with their output until Karmazin got going with a flurry downstairs. He then got in a right off a left jab to the body and followed up with a lead right to the body, two lefts and a right upstairs in a nice comeback round.

The middle rounds of the fight was where the action really heated up. Miranda was cut over his left eye most likely from one of the many rights Karmazin had landed on him. For his part, Karmazin seemed to have adjusted to the angle Miranda was throwing his own right hand and nullified the punch for the most part. Both men stepped up their output, staying center ring and trading while avoiding clinching in favor of slipping and blocking while getting off punches in bunches. The momentum, which had early on been Miranda’s began to sway towards Karmazin who had the crowd chanting his name throughout.

But in the seventh, Miranda began to land his jab with authority and it seemed to stop Karmazin in his tracks. In the eighth round, Miranda began putting his shots together well, getting in that right hand again and again and turning the tide in his favor. More and more, Miranda’s right hand began to land on the temple area of Karmazin’s head and more and more it seemed to have a negative effect on the again fighter.

Karmazin came out strong to start the ninth. He landed a flurry that ended with a hard right to the head of Miranda. Miranda landed a right hand that looked like it landed on the back of Karmazin’s head but the ref either missed it or didn’t agree with me. Then Miranda landed a right to the face and another rabbit punch and Karmazin went down hard and looked to be hurt badly. He rose but was wobbly as all get out. Another Miranda right hand landed but Karmazin seemed to take it well while showing incredible recovery powers. Karmazin landed a right of his own and then a left hook off a Miranda miss. Karmazin got in a one-two and then stuck his jab hard in Miranda’s face. A right by Miranda landed but with not much steam. This was arguably a 10-9 round as Karmazin started strong, was knocked down, and then got up to finish strong.

Karmazin came roaring out of his corner to start the tenth; throwing in combination to the head and body. Miranda matched him but took a shot to the body that knocked his mouthpiece out. Miranda began jabbing from the outside in a possible attempt to get his wind back and landed a grazing right and an uppercut. A right from Karmazin got Miranda’s eye, which had been a non-factor to this point, bleeding profusely. Perhaps, smelling blood, Karmazin landed a big right hand and dropped Miranda hard. The crowd went nuts and jumped to their feet. It was go time for Karmazin as adrenaline turned back his clock and he jumped all over Miranda who had risen late in the count, badly hurt. Karmazin landed a right and then another as Miranda squared up to him and scored a second and final knockdown as ref Jen-Kin waved the fight over at 2:34 of the tenth. The win puts Karmazin first in line for a title shot against IBF middleweight titleholder Sebastian Sylvester.

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