Valet Parking with Roger Mayweather
Interview by Gabriel Montoya and Realtorchill (Feb 25, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Rob Scott)         
You never know whom you’ll run into at a big fight and last Saturday night (Feb 23) at the MGM Grand was no exception. While I waited at the valet parking with the fellow Doghouse writers John Novoselac and Realtorchill covering the Pavlik/Taylor fight, none other than Roger Mayweather was waiting for his car as well. Even after his car pulled up, the inimitable Mr. Mayweather took a few moments to talk a little on his nephew’s upcoming fight with Oscar De La Hoya as well as Miguel Cotto.

Gabriel Montoya, We already know Floyd’s a better fighter than Oscar. In the rematch, are we going to find out who the better trainer is between you and Floyd, Sr?

Roger Mayweather: Well, I’ve had more world champions than my brother has. I can still get that ass whooping. I can guarantee you that. I’ll make the plan to do it.

Realtorchill: But if, If, IF Oscar happens to win…

Roger Mayweather: IF. IF.

RC: …then Senior is going to say he’s the better trainer. You know that right?

Roger Mayweather:
IF. IF. IF. Listen, my nephew, didn’t catch Oscar the last time. He played off the ropes beautifully. He hasn’t taxed Oscar yet. Oscar was
throwing broken down punches. Remember this, I can’t fight for my nephew. I make my nephew take the risks. And [Floyd, Sr.] can’t fight for Oscar. So if you match both the guys up… the only thing wins fights…two things win fights. You know what that is, don’t you?

RC: Skill…

GM: …and Intelligence.

Roger Mayweather: And what?

GM: (points to chest).

Skill and heart.

Roger Mayweather: (smiling) Skill and luck (laughter all around). That’s the only thing that can win a fight. Ain’t no other way to do it but skill or luck. Either you got skill or don’t got none. The moment he beats you means he’s a better fighter than you. Right? So, for [Oscar] to beat my nephew, he got to get muthafuckin’ lucky. He got to get lucky. I don’t give a fuck who he got in his corner. I don’t care he got my brother in his corner. I’m not worried about that. My brother can’t fight for him. And my nephew is the best fighter because of this (points to his head). He gonna outthink him up here. Don’t worry about that. Last time he didn’t even tax his ass. This time he gonna tax it.

RC: What about other fighters?

Roger Mayweather:
Like who?

RC: Miguel Cotto?

Roger Mayweather:
Why not?

RC: I don’t know. You tell me. If there is enough money on the table?

Roger Mayweather:
Man, I don’t know if he beat Shane Mosley.

RC: I don’t know either.

Roger Mayweather:
You thought he beat Shane Mosley?

RC: It could’ve gone either way. Will Floyd fight Cotto?

Roger Mayweather:
If the money’s right, why not?

RC: I heard it from you.

Roger Mayweather:
OK. You guys take care.

And with that, Roger hopped into his car and pulled out of the MGM Grand parking lot; a quote machine just warming up for the PR stretch to come in the next few months.

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