James Toney Looking to Return Against Danny Williams
Interview by Gabriel Montoya (Feb 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing         
I was in the 360 Health Club out here in Los Angeles today covering Zab Judah’s training when none other than James ‘Lights Out’ Toney walked in the door.

“How you doin’, Champ?” I asked.

Toney, looking in great shape, smiled and shook my hand. “Not bad. Not bad.”

“You looking to come back soon? You look like you’ve been training?”

“Yeah,” replied Toney. “We’re looking at Danny Williams. Talk to Dan [Goossen, his promoter].”

“We’re in talks with the Williams camp for hopefully a May date,” said Goossen later in the day. “It’s funny. I was looking to put this fight in California. Certainly James with his accomplishments, skills and of course, personality, we could do this just about anywhere and [the fight would sell] well. But the sites that have shown the most interest are Russia, South Africa and the U.K. So we are looking at that right now.”

Toney, like I said earlier, looked to be in great condition. His trainer, John Arthur, who is also working with Judah’s team, agrees.

“I think the time off did him good. He’s healthy and recharged. We’ve been
working about eight weeks now. He looks good [in the gym.]”

If Toney’s condition is any indication of where Zab’s conditioning is headed, the former welterweight champ will be more than ready to go in May when he faces off against Shane Mosley.

More on Toney/Williams to follow.

Look for an exclusive one on one with Zab Judah in the coming week.
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