Vic Darchinyan Wins a Technical Decision over Johnny Perez
By Gabriel Montoya, from (April 24, 2011) Special to Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, DHB)
Orlando Salido & Juan Manuel Lopez
In a somewhat disappointing ending to what was shaping up to be a one-sided but excellent performance, Vic “The Raging Bull” Darchinyan, 36-3-1 (27), won a technical decision over Yonnhy Perez, 20-2-1 (14), after an accidental clash of heads stopped the contest in round five of a scheduled 12. The bout held at The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, was the headliner on Showtime following the injury that sidelined fellow Showtime Bantamweight Tournament finalist Joseph Agbeko from his scheduled fight with Abner Mares.

  Darchinyan, who promised to go for a first round KO, started aggressively as always, fighting low and in close. A Darchinyan left got through early. Perez, a Colombian volume puncher, took his time, moving, boxing. A right got through for Perez followed by a body shot but Darchinyan took it well. A long left landed for Darchinyan but there was not much on it, then Darchinyan landed two hard lefts and Perez covered up. Perez stayed tall but did not use his long reach to dictate the action. Not many jabs were used by either man in an intense first round dominated mostly by Darchinyan’s activity.  

  Darchinyan pawed with the right hand to start the second and Perez went downstairs to the body, hoping to get something going. As they came in close, a left by Darchinyan dropped Perez. A replay showed that the right leg of Darchinyan pushed against Perez but it was a legit knockdown that stunned Perez, who got up quickly. Darchinyan jumped on him but kept his composure before a left uppercut hurt Perez again and he went to the ropes. Left after left got through for Darchinyan with no answer from Perez. Darchinyan backed off and the action moved across the ring. Darchinyan got in a left to the body, missed upstairs but recovered later with a long left hand that pushed Perez back. Perez got in a right hand flush but it had little effect. Perez seemed unable to get untracked while Darchinyan battered him late with lefts to the body and a couple upstairs.

  Perez began to let his hands go in the third but missed with the right hand in early attempts. A chopping left and right stopped Darchinyan in his tracks and Perez began to step it up more and ate a left hand on the inside for his troubles. A right uppercut and left hand landed for Darchinyan. Perez kept moving the fight inside and trying to land his right hand and was warned for a low right. Darchinyan seemed intent on being a little rougher and more physical in this fight as he would push Perez back every time he came in close. Darchinyan unloaded a flurry that seemed to rock Perez, who moved to the corner briefly before circling out to center. Darchinyan, not normally a volume puncher, seemed intent on being the busier man, digging in with shots at Perez’s high guard and then coming downstairs.

  In the fourth, Darchinyan got in a nice left hand/right hand combo that moved back Perez. Another left about 30 seconds later split the guard of Perez, who did very little in this round at that point. Perez began to rally late but there was no snap or power on his shots and Darchinyan blocked or slipped most of them. Darchinyan seemed a little spent in the back of the round, the result of committing so much to each punch but he closed strong, landing hard left hands in succession and flurrying to Perez’s body.

  Darchinyan was in a groove by the fifth, holding his hands low, waving them about in front of Perez and then landing his left hand. However, the end would come when an accidental clash of heads cut Perez right of center of his face. Referee Jerry Cantu came in to check it and then waved off the fight. The butt occurred with Perez’s back to the ropes, when Darchinyan landed a left hand upstairs, digging with it to the body. As he did so, their heads clashed. The time was 1:07 of the fifth. As the fight had gone past four rounds, the fight was scored, including the fifth at 50-44 across the board for Darchinyan in a technical decision.

  “[Perez] suffered an arterial bleed. It was going right into his eyes. He gave no indication he wanted to stop,” said ringside physician Dr. Paul Wallace.  

  A victorious Darchinyan would state, “He took big punches. I wanted to knock him out but he is still a great fighter. The ref said, ‘Do you want to fight?’ [Perez] said no. He quit. Today, I would fight anyone in the division.”

  Regarding the clash of heads, Darchinyan said, “Yes it was a headbutt but if it wasn’t a headbutt, I would knock him out.”

  As for the future, Darchinyan said, “I would like to fight Abner Mares if he will fight me. If not, I will fight Nonito Donaire. If they won’t fight me, I will move up to another division.”

  I asked Darchinyan’s promoter Gary Shaw if the ban he had on a Donaire-Darchinyan rematch was now lifted and he responded, “We have no idea who Nonito is with so right now he is on ice.”

  A dejected Perez said, “I know it appeared differently from outside the ring but I felt I was just getting warmed up in there,” Perez said afterward. “I am extremely disappointed to have the fight end this way. At the beginning, I felt that he was not as heated up as I expected him to be. So I felt I was making headway as the rounds went on. Now I am going to head back to Colombia and relax and regroup and see what is the next step in my career.”

  On the undercard, junior welterweight Omar Figueroa, 11-0-1 (7), stopped John Figueroa, 7-10-3 (3), at 2:05 of the second round. 

  Junior welters Art Hovhannisyan, 13-0-1 (7), stopped Jose Lugo, 11-16-1 (5), in five rounds after a lackluster affair. The time was 1:57 of the fifth.

  Welterweight Vito Gasparyan, 12-2-5 (6), outworked and finally stopped Trenton Titsworth, 3-12-1 (2), at 2:31 of round five.

  Junior welters Azat Hovenensian, 0-1, and Juan Reyes, 2-0-1, put on a great little four-round war. Reyes had to have it tonight though and pulled out the win UD win.

  Heavyweight DaVarryl Williamson, 27-6 (23), scored a brutal knockout in the seventh over Michael Marrone, 19-3 (14).

  Flyweight Miguel Diaz, 5-0 (3), scored a unanimous decision over Alejandro Solorio, 4-4 (3).

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