Alfredo Angulo Stops Joel Julio
By Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing (April 25, 2010) Special to Doghouse Boxing (Photos © German Villasenor, DHB)  
In a closely contested but “Angulo-friendly” fight, junior middleweight Alfredo Angulo got the job done in style against contender Joel Julio via a brutal 11th round stoppage, off a crazy good right hand shot that sent Julio to the canvas dazed and very confused.

Angulo, 18-1 (15), came in the favorite and for good reason. His pressure style of economical body shots and hard right hands played perfectly to Julio’s hit-and-move and occasionally-stop-and-trade M.O.

From the onset, the pattern was locked in with Angulo stalking and stalking while landing hard left hooks to the body to set up a right upstairs or a right to the body to set up the upstairs left. Julio kept moving to his left, shooting the jab and occasionally dropping in a hard right hand or a left hook. Early on, that left hook couldn’t land as “Perro’s” left seemed to keep beating him to the punch.

By the middle of the fight, the quicker Julio had Angulo’s right eye swelling and was getting his left hook and right hand through the tight Angulo guard. Not that it mattered, even though his face showed signs, you could see Angulo’s hard powerful shots were having an effect on Julio, who would land a one-two and then eat a right hand and have to bail out to center ring.

Julio’s movement and speed of both seemed to trouble Angulo, but the Mexican diligently cut off the ring and raked Julio against the ropes with body shots and hard rights, time and again.

The fight seemed to be headed toward a one-sided decision, despite Julio’s spirited effort, when in the 11th, with Julio’s back to the ropes, Angulo dropped in a picture-perfect right hand that rocked the Colombian’s world and dropped him to the canvas. Julio, now 35-4 (31), rose shakily, but referee Raul Caiz had seen enough and waved it off at 1:39 of the round. The scores at the time of the stoppage were 97-93 (twice) and 96-94, all for Angulo.

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