Freddie Roach Speaks on Rumors Regarding Training Jermain Taylor
INTERVIEW By Gabriel Montoya (Oct 31, 2007) Doghouse Boxing        
Moments ago,’s Gabriel Montoya spoke with world class trainer Freddie Roach regarding the rumor that he will replacing Manny Steward as former Middleweight Champ Jermain Taylor trainer.

Gabriel Montoya: Hi Freddie. There are rumors floating that you will be replacing Manny Steward as Jermain Taylor's trainer. Is this true?

Freddie Roach: No. I got a call from Ozell [Nelson, Taylor's advisor] a few days ago and he asked me if I was
interested. I said sure. That's the last I have heard of it.

GM: How long ago was that?

Ummm... 5 or 7 days ago. I told them to call my agent, Nick Conn who works for ICM. I don't like to negotiate like that.

GM: You mean over the phone?

: Yeah. Nick's a lawyer who hates being a lawyer so he's my agent. He's more of a friend, really. I let him handle all that stuff. I have too many other things to worry about.

GM: So would you be interested in training Jermain?

: Sure. I'd love to. But really that is the last I heard of it so I don't know anything more. I'll let you know if I hear anything. (Laughs) You let me know if you hear anything.

GM: (laughing) Will do, Freddie. Thanks.

: Anytime.

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