Two Minutes with Andre Berto
by Gabriel Montoya at ringside (Dec 14, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Brendon Pierpaoli)        
During the under card of the Mayweather/Hatton fight, Craig Gibson, one of the webmasters for who happened to be sitting next to me, pointed out welterweight contender Andre Berto in the crowd next to 50 Cent. While I didn’t have any questions for 50, I felt compelled to take a couple minutes to talk with Mr. Berto during what was a very boring fight (I won’t say which one but if you saw the PPV or were ringside you know which one I am speaking of). Mr. Berto was gracious enough to speak with me during his downtime before prepping for an upcoming February bout. Here is two
minutes with Andre Berto.

Gabriel Montoya: So what’s up next for you, Andre?

Andre Berto: Right now, I think it’s going to be the 1st or 2nd week of February. So right now I am just sitting back and waiting on word from the team.

GM: But no word on an opponent yet?

Not yet. They’ve been trying to solidify an opponent but a lot of guys been pulling so we’ll be settling on a guy in the next week or two.

GM: They must have gotten tape of your last fight.


GM: How do you feel about your development? Where your career is going?

AB: I think it’s going pretty good. I’m one of the fortunate ones that’s been getting a lot of TV play. And at the same time I’ve been capturing that opportunity and making exciting fights out of it. Everything’s been pretty good.

GM: What do you take away from your performance where you got knocked down and were able to get up and finish the fight in good fashion?

Well, you know, it was definitely a test for me. But in order to lead you have to be successful. You know, in that fight I made a few mistakes and I paid for it. It made me just mature as a fighter and go back to the gym and work more on my jab and my body punches. And I used that for my next fight. It helped me out in my next fight.

GM: It definitely translated in the Estrada fight.

Yeah definitely and I learned a tremendous lot in the Estrada fight also. You know every fight is going to be a learning process for me and I think I am just getting better as I go.

GM: Is there anyone that you’d prefer to fight?

Right now it’s whoever right now. I’m not in a position to call out the big guys quite yet. You know, right now anybody that my team brings to me I’m going to sit down and get ready for. And it’s pretty much guaranteed to be an exciting fight.

GM: Of the main titlists, Cintron, Williams, Mayweather and Cotto, who is the guy that you could take?

Right now I don’t think I’m in a position to get a fight with any of those guys. Not saying I couldn’t compete with any of them. I believe I could hold my own with any of those guys but it’s just a process of getting to that point. But I believe I can get in the ring with any one of those guys.

GM: Beside yourself, who do you think is the best welterweight in the world?

Definitely Mayweather. He’s the top welterweight in the world. He’s proven himself again and again. He’s sharp. He can box. He can punch a little bit. He’s definitely the whole package.

GM: Thanks, Andre. Look forward to seeing you in the ring again and talking again soon.

No problem. Anytime.

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