Doghouse Boxing Interviews Ivaylo Gotzev
INTERVIEW by Gabriel Montoya (Jan 26, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Gabriel Montoya asks, Should the WBC allow the fight to happen between Oleg Maskaev and Vitali Klitschko, what is your recourse? What can you do?

Ivaylo Gotzev: Well we are already taking legal. We have attorneys reviewing all the documents, all the documents, the facts. We are definitely going to respond in a legal manner. There is nothing else that can be said right now. It’s a travesty. It is basically an abortion of decision that they made. They [The WBC] cannot exist like that. Making these sorts of decisions, you know? Basically what I can say right now is that they have done a very unfortunate thing that they are legally responsible for.

GM: Will Sam Peter fight in the meantime? If this turns into a legal battle, will you have him fight or will he sit and wait for a decision?

IG: [This situation] has single handedly cost a lot of punitive damages. No Samuel cannot fight prior to a concrete ruling in this case because basically his whole career is on hold. There’s financial damages as we speak. This fight versus Maskaev should have already been in negotiations instead we are waiting for Vitali and his camp to make phone calls directly to [WBC President] Mr. Jose Sulaiman [writer’s note: to sanction the bout]…it’s a very unfortunate thing. But I have to refrain from making any more comments because it is a legal matter and we are taking all the necessary actions.

GM: Okay. On a side note, how is Sergei Lyakhovich and when can we expect to see him again?

Well Sergei has steadily been getting healthy again and he is improving [from] the suffered injuries before and during the fight. He is probably going to be back in the ring somewhere in late April. And I expect to see him bigger and better than ever. It was fight where he went into the ring with certain injuries that he shouldn’t have but he knows what he needs to do the next time around. Shannon Briggs is definitely a fighter we would like to have a rematch with.

GM: Thank you Ivaylo. I appreciate your time and good luck.

Thank you.
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