Ivaylo Gotzev; “This was the fight that needed to happen”
INTERVIEW By Gabriel Montoya  (April 5, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
It was announced on K-FSN TV that the fight for the right to face WBC champion Oleg Maskaev is officially over and Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter has won what every clear head in Boxing considered what was already rightfully his. After Peter had won his second title eliminator over James Toney, WBC “ Champion Emeritus” Vitali Klitschko decided to come out his two-year retirement and go directly into a fight for his old title with Maskaev. However, negotiations to pay step aside monies to Peter’s camp (as well as secure a future date with the winner of the proposed match up) went on too long for the Klitschko camp and now the “whole issue is resolved “ according to Ivaylo Gotzev”, Sam Peter’s manager.”No deal has been set but negotiations for the fight are under way.” The road is now paved for the true number one heavyweight contender to fight for his place among the heavyweight division titlists. The following is a transcript of the interview between Mr. Gotzev and myself regarding the negotiations for the potential bout.

Gabriel Montoya: First off congratulations.

Ivaylo Gotzev.
Thank you.

GM: What does it mean to your company that you were able to basically stand your ground and get justice done in Boxing?

It’s great for Boxing and the heavyweight division in general because this was the fight that needed to happen. This was the fight that was advertised. For various reasons [it was postponed in favor of the Klitschko fight]. Now that that fight is off and the right is on we are just looking forward to a very positive promotion of the fight and I believe it is going to be an explosive fight and match up between these two great punchers. We want to focus on all the positive stuff that going to happen in the near future rather than go back over on what could have been. Because we really did lose 3 months [of Peter’s career] in the process unfortunately.

GM: Has Sam been in the gym during this period?

Sam has been training every day for the past month and a half. He’s in great spirits now and is already in good shape. So we are looking forward to the showdown with Oleg Maskaev.

GM: When do you think the fight will take place?

We’re working right now for a June date. We have some things will happen within that time frame. June would be a perfect date for this heavyweight battle to happen.

GM: Well, thank you, Ivaylo. I look forward to future updates.

Thank you for keeping in touch.

GM: Best of luck.

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