A Conversation with Oscar De La Hoya
INTERVIEW By Gabriel Montoya (Aug 11, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Golden Boy Promotions)
Among a wild crowd of fans and reporters from all over the world at the Manny Pacquiao vs. Marco Antonio Barrera press conference today, I took the opportunity to get in a few questions with Oscar De La Hoya. Believe me, it wasn’t easy as I took more elbows than a Bernard Hopkins opponent to get to him.

Gabriel Montoya: Oscar, is this what you had in mind when you said you wanted to clean up boxing? Dual promotions like this?

Oscar De La Hoya: Absolutely. This is what boxing needs, is to make the big fights happen. I am extremely happy and proud to be working once again with Top Rank again.

GM: With Trinidad coming back in 2008, is there a possibility of you giving us the fight all the fans want? The rematch with the man who gave you your first loss?

Oh absolutely…if he can come down to 154 I have no problem with it. I hear he’s fighting at 170. That fight would be impossible if he stayed at that weight.

GM: I hear that is just the kick off then he plans on moving down after that.

It would be wonderful if he does.

GM: Is 2008 the last year we will see you in the ring as a fighter?

Yes. Absolutely.

GM: How are the shoulder injuries?

ODLH: They’re a lot better. The injuries are still there. I mean, I have torn rotator cuffs. I just have to work it through.

And with that, Oscar was whisked away by his press agent in another direction where he was surrounded yet again by another crowd of adoring fans and hopeful reporters.
Margarito/Judah Update

I asked Bob Arum when the Margarito vs. Judah fight would go from rumor to fact. "We'll know by the end of the day," was Mr. Arum's reply.

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