A Conversation with Jack Mosley
By Gabriel Montoya (Sept 12, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
This past Monday at the House of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. two of Boxing’s top promotional companies, Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank put together a quality press conference to announce the November 10th Welterweight title fight between Miguel Cotto and Sugar Shane Mosley. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mosley’s father and trainer Jack about the fight.

Gabriel Montoya: What does Shane have to do to win the fight?

Jack Mosley: Well, it depends on what he [Cotto] brings to the table. I feel we are going to win the fight using our technique, speed, power, stamina and experience. That’s going to win the fight for us.

GM: So the game plan is going to be fluid for Cotto who is a very adaptable guy?

Yeah. Whatever he does, I think Shane can adapt to whatever he is trying to do out there.

GM: To look it for it to be more of a brawl or do you want it to be more of a boxing match?

Well he’s [Cotto] not going to box. He can’t out box Shane. That’s over. So he’s going to have to come in and try to force his will on Shane. That can be a problem, too. He’ll get counter punched all night for however long the fight goes.

GM: How much of the last few fights was about Shane kind of recalibrating himself? Adjusting to the limitations of age as speed goes a little, reaction time slows.

JM: Well, a lot of people said in his last fight that Shane was the one that looked like the 26 year old and Collazo was the one who looked 36. They thought it was reversed.

GM: Were the fights leading up that fight were about him finding himself again as he returned to welterweight?

We’re doing some things that got us to the championship. Some of the old things we used to do. Training things and exercises and things like that.

GM: Have you noticed anything different or new now that the two of you have reunited?

No. Not really.

GM: I wouldn’t ask the fighter this but I’ll ask you. Looking ahead, what would you like for Shane after this fight?

Well, we want to fight Floyd Mayweather. Floyd, I’m told is running scared of Shane Mosley. Shane called him out on ESPN. He said after this fight if Floyd don’t want to do something else, let’s fight.

GM: What do you feel about Floyd saying Shane is nothing but a sparring partner?

That stuff is just to procrastinate the fight. That’s all. Or try and make some more money and make the bigger share of the pot. He was clearly offered 45-55 %. The winner gets 55%. He didn’t want it so that means he’s not sure he can win or not.

GM: Right.

That’s what I am told.

GM: Now Floyd is fighting the best 140 lb fighter in the world. A guy who didn’t look very good at 147 lbs. Do you feel that Cotto/Mosley is the fight to decide who the best welterweight is or will the winners of the two fights decide that?

Floyd needs to fight Shane if he wants to be recognized as the best at 147. Shane is the best at 147 so Floyd is going to have to fight him.

GM: Thank you, Jack.

Thank you.

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