Sechew Powell: “I am looking to make an example out of Latimore!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr. Doghouse Boxing (June 10, 2008) Photo © Bob Kolb  
Coming up this Wednesday night on ESPN2 Wednesday Night Fights, junior middleweight contender Sechew Powell 23-1 (14) returns to the ring to take on hard hitting Deandre Latimore 18-1 (15) in hopes of continuing his winning ways to a title shot.

Powell, a native of Brooklyn, burst onto the scene in 2002. Since his jump to the pros the ‘Iron Horse’ has defeated the likes of Cornelius Bundrage (TKO 1), Santiago Samaniego (TKO 3) and
Archak TerMeliksetain (UD 10). The only blemish on his resume came from the hands of Kassim Ouma, but since his decision loss to Ouma in the summer of 2006, Powell has banged out three consecutives victories: a unanimous decision over Ishe Smith, and back to back knockouts over Terrance Cauthen and most recently against Kevin Finley.

Standing in Powell’s way is the hard hitting Deandre Latimore, who has knocked out fifteen of his opponents with eight wins came in the first round. Powell is focused and ready for war, and in this exclusive interview conducted by the Doghouse, Powell speaks on his upcoming fight as well as future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Thanks again Sechew for taking the time out to speak with Doghouse Boxing. You will be facing off against Deandre Latimore this Wednesday night on ESPN2 Wednesday Night Fights, give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Sechew Powell:
I appreciate that Benny, I always appreciate it when you call me, either for an interview or just to chat it up man. I think Latimore and I is a good match-up and it is a great opportunity for me to further state my case, which is I am the best junior middleweight in the world. I truly believe that, and I think Wednesday night it is going to be another opportunity to state my case. I am looking to show people exactly what I am made of.

BH: Looking at Latimore’s record he appears to have some pop, but other than that I know nothing about the guy. What can you tell us about Deandre as far as his style, strengths and weaknesses go?

He and I were in camp together helping Jermain Taylor prepare against Kassim Ouma, I got a chance to see him move around and what kind of fighter he is. He is an aggressive southpaw, a shorter guy than myself, definitely very aggressive; I can see how he was able to have those knockouts on his record. But at the same time I feel it is going to be a huge leap for him, he is definitely going to be outclassed when he gets in the ring with me Wednesday night.

BH: You have come on strong since your loss to Ouma, you defeated Smith, you stopped Cauthen and most recently Finley. What has been the change in you since the Ouma fight?

Well you know it has a lot to do with, I am the type of guy Benny that doesn’t let what other people say affect me. I had to really look in the mirror and see if the criticism was really true, what I came up with was that I needed to be a bit more aggressive. I need to show a more fierce side of me, and since I realized that was what the people wanted I have really been trying to provide them with that. And come Wednesday night it won’t be anything different, I am looking to be very aggressive behind my boxing skills. I am going to continue to be aggressive because I get more positive results from the fans that way.

BH: This past Saturday night, Sergio Mora upset Vernon Forrest, give the readers your thoughts on that fight.

I think Mora got lucky in the fact that Vernon wore down for some reason, I understand what Vernon said when he said he was flat, sometimes it happens. Unfortunately it happened to him on a night where he did not need it to happen. I think Sergio got lucky and ran into a not the best Vernon Forrest. He did outhustle Vernon a little bit, to squeak by with a decision. I think Sergio was very fortunate to get away with the title as he did.

BH: You and Sergio have a past in the amateurs.

Yeah, I scoop slammed him years back. As you can see when he fights you can tell that he is more of a character than a fighter. He does a little bit of fighting and when the bell sounds he is jumping around and starring down the guys and hitting his chest, he is doing all these antics, he is a character, he is like a clown. What happened was in 2000, I fought him before and destroyed him as I was supposed to do, when we had out second meeting in the Olympic trials, he decided that he was going to be a character, as the character he really is. He played head games with me and climbing all over my back, and he did it several times and the referee never warned him. As I said before it was kind of a mind game and I lost my cool. The ref never gave him a warning so I took it into my own hands and I picked him up and scoop slammed him. I got disqualified, it cost me the Olympics.

BH: Ever thought about wrestling professionally? (Laughing)

(Laughs) No, but you want to know something Benny, that was the best scoop slam I have ever gave anybody. I don’t even know where it came from.

BH: If all goes well Wednesday night, I know you are in line to face Verno Phillips, but if you had your choice between Phillips or Mora, who would you like to face?

Well being the mandatory for Phillips that is the fight that I want, it is the one that is closest to me at this time, but I would scratch all plans to fight Sergio Mora right away if he was brave enough to step up. I doubt Sergio has the courage, he is a character with no heart.

BH: Do you have a message for Latimore?

I hope he brings his A-game which I am sure he will, and he is in for a rough night. I am looking to make an example of him.

BH: Anything in closing?

It is great to be back with you guys, it feels good to be back talking with you Benny and getting the news out. Come Wednesday night I am looking to put on an entertaining show for all the fight fans.

I would like to thank Sechew Powell for his time and thoughts.

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