Brian Minto: “John knows what he is in for!”
By Benny Henderson Jr. Doghouse Boxing (July 1, 2008)  
Wednesday night from Pullman Park in Butler, PA, to be televised live on ESPN 2 Wednesday Night Fights, hometown heavyweight Brian Minto 30-2 (19) looks to successfully defend his WBA Fedecentro heavyweight title as ‘The Beast’ takes on ‘Big’ John Poore 20-2 (18) in ESPN’s Main Event.

Minto, who is the WBO’s twelfth ranked contender and has fired out three consecutive first round knockout victories, is three years removed from fighting in his hometown and is ready to put on a show for his local fans as he looks
to notch another win and move up the heavyweight ladder.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Brian speaks out on his match-up against John Poore as well as touching on various other topics as well, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You are just a day away from your fight with ‘Big’ John Poore, give the readers your thoughts on the fight.

Brian Minto:
It is going to be an exciting fight, he comes to fight and he is very game guy. We have a great crowd coming up in the soldout ball park. It is going to be an exciting night for me to showcase my skills on ESPN.

BH: It has been three years since you fought in your hometown of Butler, now that you are coming home does it add more pressure or are you more relaxed fighting at home?

I am more relaxed than I usually am, I think that comes with being a veteran guy, I have done this thirty-two times. I know how to conserve energy and not get worked up about it all.

BH: What do you know about this cat John Poore?

He is big, strong and skilled. He is not the most skilled fighter that I have been in the ring with, but he is game. I seen him get his jaw broke and come back and knock the guy out in the next round, he has a lot of power and he is very string, he can take a lot of punishment.

BH: What about all the media hoopla leading up to your fight in your hometown, I guess there has had to of been a lot more media hype with you fighting in Butler. How do you deal with it?

I try not to let it get to me, some of the media I do not even acknowledge, some have not been good with giving me publicity, I have who I need round here, the Butler Eagle, and local businesses, and websites like Doghouse Boxing and Fight News, all those guys take care of me.

BH: This fight here you helped promote it.

Well, I am the guy who was financially responsible for putting it together.

BH: I know that I have spoken with you a few times, and you were headed to the park or there at the park setting up tables, chairs and such for the fight. You are more hands on for this one then just fighting, with all the financial stress and work is your mind in the game?

I do not have any burden on me because it is soldout, the bills are going to be paid so I am not stressing about anything now. There was a week there where I may have been stressed a little bit, but it is soldout and it has been pretty smooth sailing. I have never neglected my training once, I have learned to have a thick skin and not let things get to me and discourage me from my training. I have been training hard and I am ready for this fight.

BH: You are now ranked number twelve by the WBO, not to overlook John Poore, but who are some of the guys in the top fifteen that you would like to get in with next?

Whoever I need to fight to become world champ, whoever is next. I’ll face anybody in the top five in the WBO, or maybe a big fight over in Germany, whatever makes sense.

BH: What can the fight fans expect come fight night?

A very exciting fight, it is a competitive card also, there are fights throughout the night, and my fight is going to be the grand finale. I think they can expect a lot of action, this guy is coming to fight and not to lose. I will have to do my thing, I am not looking for the knockout, a win is a win.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to John Poore?

Good luck, John knows what he’s in for. You look at the competition that we have fought and I think that I have been in with the better competition. I don’t overlook Poore, and I respect anybody that gets in the ring.

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to thank all of my fans, and my community for all the support to help make this show a success, in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Writer’s Note: I would like to thank Brian Minto for his time and thoughts. For more info on the Beast please check out

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