Lamon Brewster: “I am not looking back, I am only looking forward”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Aug 12, 2008)  
Although it has been a year since Lamon Brewster 33-4 (29) has seen any ring action, or three years since he has recorded a career win, the former WBO heavyweight champion is not looking back. In fact, the “Relentless” one has his sights fixed on the future, and believes his future holds yet another heavyweight championship. And his journey to another heavyweight crown begins August 30th at the Cincinnati Gardens in Cincinnati, OH, when Brewster takes on the former cruiserweight contender Danny Batchelder 25-5-1 (12) in a scheduled twelve round bout for the vacant NABA heavyweight title.

Brewster, who earned heavyweight gold in the spring of 2004 by defeating the towering Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko in five rounds, successfully defended his heavyweight strap three times before suffering a decision defeat from the hands of Sergei Liakhovich just two years after winning the belt.

Although it was a loss on Brewster’s record, Brewster proved to be a tough customer battling on for eleven grueling rounds with a detached retina, in a fight of the year candidate which aired live on Showtime.

After successful surgery on his left eye, Brewster traveled to Germany in July of 2007 to once again go head to head against Wladimir Klitschko, but this time around which later was described as a nagging shoulder injury, there was no relentless attack in the Brewster’s arsenal. And after six rounds of one-sided action, Brewster’s trainer Buddy McGirt asked the ref to stop the fight.

Now after a much needed break from the ring, a rejuvenated and injury free Brewster who once wreaked havoc on the likes of Andrew Golota, Luan Krasniqi and Wladimir Klitschko, looks to once again bring the pain in a successful campaign to the heavyweight crown.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Lamon Brewster speaks on his return, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: How does it feel to be getting ready to get back in the ring?

Lamon Brewster:
Like I have purpose in life, I feel like I am alive again and with purpose. A man without purpose is a dead man.

BH: You are going to be taking on Danny Batchelder, why Danny?

Well, my promoter told me that it would be a good fight for me, so I went on his word.

BH: Have you seen tape of this guy?

Yeah, I have seen tapes of him.

BH: What are your thoughts?

He is a tough guy, he is not a guy that I feel like I am just going to walk through, but you know at the same time he has never been hit by somebody who punches as hard as I do. James Toney has the speed, but I have the James Toney speed with Mike Tyson power. He has never been hit that hard before.

BH: You are fighting in Cincinnati, OH, at “The Gardens” the place has a rich history in boxing, how does it feel to be fighting there with the history?

I feel like I am a throwback fighter, so really it makes me feel at home. For one, I was born and raised right down the street, so this is a homecoming.

BH: Not only are you going to be fighting, but you are also promoting the card. How do you keep your mind on the fight with you also thinking about the promoting side of it all?

I have a partner by the name Colin Bates, he is handling all that side so I can focus on being ready for the fight. My only concern is the fight with Danny Batchelder.

BH: Is there going to be any difference in Lamon Brewster this time around that we may not have seen before?

Yes, you are going to see a seasoned Lamon Brewster, with the time that I had off I had time to think about my career, and really get a better appreciation for the game of boxing. Yes you are.

BH: You are coming off two consecutive losses, what does that do to your confidence?

It does nothing to me because my first loss, I was not in the condition that I needed to be in and I was half blind. Anybody who knows me knows that I would have won that fight if I would have been in better shape, and not been half blind, but yet, it was called fight of the year. With Klitschko it was totally a different thing, I had been off for fifteen months and I had injured my shoulder in the fight, and I was frustrated behind the injury. He knows I can beat him, I know that I can beat him, but it was rust. You know what, this is a whole new day, I am not looking back, I am only looking forward.

BH: What can the fight fans at The Gardens expect out of Lamon Brewster come fight night?

They can expect to see Lamon Brewster the warrior, Lamon Brewster the left hooker, the true heavyweight champion of the world emerging again out of the ashes.

BH: if you could send a message out to Danny Batchelder what would you say to this cat before the fight?

I wish you the best.

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to tell people that, don’t let other people dictate in your life what you can and cannot do because God has the final say so in all things.

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