Timothy Bradley: "This is going to be a great battle!"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Aug 22, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
140-pound champion Timothy Bradley 22-0 (11) has had nothing but success throughout his four year professional boxing career. He has boxed and banged his way to a spotless record and has won a world title strap along the way. And come September 13th, from the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, MS, televised live on Showtime Championship Boxing, Bradley will try to keep his title as well as his record in tact as he takes on contender Edner Cherry 24-5-2 (12) in the first defense of his WBC light welterweight title.
Bradley, who made his debut the summer of 2004, has paved himself a spotless driveway of wins all the way to a world title. Timothy has defeated the likes of Nasser Athumani (TKO 5), Miguel Vazquez (UD) and this past May defeated Junior Witter via split decision to earn the strap he carries around his waist today.
And come fight night, Bradley plans on continuing his winning ways as he takes of all-round tough guy Edner Cherry, a fight which Bradley declares is going to be a great battle.
In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Timothy speaks out on his upcoming fight as well as other subjects in and around his career, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.: First things first, I would like to say congrats on earning the 140-pound title by defeating Junior Witter, who did it feel to go over to his homeland and earn the strap?
Timothy Bradley:
Ah man it felt awesome, I would never have wanted it any other way. It kick-started my career, there are many more titles and championships to come. I am young so I still have some years ahead of me to perform.
BH: Were you worried about getting a fair shake with the decision?
Not really, I pretty much sealed the deal with the knock down, I felt that I was dominating from that point on. I also felt that I won a few early rounds with my aggression. I thought everything was going to be alright, everything was in God's hands.
BH: Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming match-up against Edner Cherry.
It is going to be a tough match, I am definitely going to go in there and do what I do. Edner Cherry comes to fight, he doesn't back up and comes straight forward. He is a tough guy with decent power, it is going to be a great first title defense for me. It is going to be an exciting fight, he is going to come prepared, and I will be ready as well so it is going to be a great battle.
BH: Looking at Cherry's style, what weaknesses do you see that you feel that you can capitalize on?
He is very aggressive, so with that I think he leaves himself open. He comes in and throws a lot of wide punches and I will be able to time them. I think his aggression will be his worst enemy for this fight. He does come in with great conditioning and is very strong, he is a built like a tank, I think he is very durable. You cannot just take him out with one punch, he is going to be in your face.
BH: Every fighter has a different journey throughout their career to the title, what has been the hardest aspect for you in being a fighter?
Dealing with all the criticism, dealing with all the adversity, and people you are not ready or this and this. Dealing with the politics in boxing, it doesn't not bother anymore, now it just motivates me. It is boxing I guess.
BH: People can be harsh, especially the writers.
The writers around here have been really nice, it is just some boxing websites, you know, people just talk. But that is pretty much boxing, but you cannot pay attention to it, if you start listening to the negativity then you start believing the things that they are saying.
BH: You just have to put you faith in God and let it roll.
Amen on that, amen on that. That's all I do, my biggest concern is winning.
BH: What can the fight fans expect out of Timothy Bradley come fight night?
I am pretty much going to dominate, expect domination, expect me to come in with real good conditioning, expect me to box a little bit, to brawl a little bit. Expect everything because I pretty much know every square inch in that ring because I have been doing it for so long now. Expect the best Timothy Bradley come September 13th.
BH: If you could send out a message to Edner Cherry using Doghouse Boxing as a platform, what would you say?
I really don't trash talk or anything like that, but I would just tell him that I know he is ready, and I will be ready as well.
BH: Anything you would like to add to or say in closing?
I want to thank my team, thank God for giving me this opportunity to become champion, and thanks to all my fans for supporting me.
Writer’s Note: I would like to thank Lee Bates for setting up this interview, and a thanks goes out to Timothy Bradley as well for his time and thoughts.

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