Timothy Bradley: “I am on a mission, and I will not stop until I get what I want!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Sept 18, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Fresh off his recent unanimous decision victory over the tough contender Edner Cherry, the reigning WBC light welterweight champion Timothy Bradley 23-0 (11) may be happy that he made his first successful defense, but by no means is the undefeated champ content.

The twenty-five year old title holder is raring and ready to continue his win streak as well as solidify himself as the top 140-pounder, and his sights are set in some big fish.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Bradley speaks on his recent win, talks about his future, and sets the record straight on what others may have written about his upcoming plans, for the real story, read on. Enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off I would like to say congratulations on your win over Edner Cherry, before the fight you told me that it was going to be a tough fight, was it everything you expected?

Timothy Bradley:
Yeah, it was everything I expected, I trained extremely hard for the fight, I knew I had to come in great shape. I knew Cherry was pretty much going to be in my face all night, I looked at this fight three different ways and came up with three different game plans and I was able to execute a couple of them, they worked. I knew I had to establish my jab, I knew that I had to watch out for the cherry bomb, I knew he had a sneaky left hook. I had to get underneath that, I knew that I was going to have to hurt him to the body, because he carries his hands real high. I knew that I had to go up and down and confuse him a little bit, I knew movement would thro whim off. I knew that he did not like to fight backing up, so there were a couple of different things that I could of done and that I did, pretty much my jab was dominating the fight.

BH: What do you think of Edner Cherry now that you have fought him?

Cherry is a force to be reckoned with, he is a tough fighter and has a good beard on him, he is durable, I just think that he needs to punch a little more. He kind of falls to sleep a little bit in there.

BH: What do you think this win says about Timothy Bradley?

That I am legit, Cherry is a tough fighter, he has pretty much lost to the best fighters out there, he lost to great talent, so this should give me some credit, he is not a huge puncher but he can punch. He is a big guy, a lot bigger than I was as far as height, it should say that they can bring the pressure on Bradley, a true 140-pounder could bring the pressure and Bradley can figure him out. I have a chin on me because he did catch me with some good shots. It should solidify me, maybe not as a top dog yet, but I am a champion and I need to be respected.

BH: I have heard that there could be a possible Timothy Bradley versus Juan Diaz bout n the future, can you go into that?

Nah, there is nothing, I don’t know, there is not anything for me and Juan Diaz to do right now, I am the title holder right now, what am I going to gain from that, what am I going to gain from fighting Juan Diaz, he is another 135-pounder moving up in weight, that would not make any sense. That is just somebody pretty much writing and don’t know what they are talking about.

BH: Ok, that’s cool. Well, if it was all up to Timothy Bradley, who would you fight next?

Ricky Hatton, and it is not even about the money, in a business sense yes, but as far as who they considered the best fighter at 140-pounds, everybody considers Ricky Hatton the best, well I want to face the best fighter. I want to face him because I think that I can be the best fighter at 140-pounds. That is who I want, but every at 140-pounds wants Ricky Hatton. I just want to be recognized as the best at 140-pounds. I am a young champion and right now I can be considered the best at 140, and I want a chance to prove that.

BH: Anything in closing?

I want to thank Talking Boxing Promotions, Gary Shaw Productions, and my fans and let them know that I am on a mission and I am not going to stop until I get what I want. I want to thank God, and give all the glory and honor to God.

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