Blake Franklin: “I am going to knock Brandon Rondon out!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Sept 24, 2008)  
After three hundred amateur boxing bouts which produced multiple accolades, and ending a successful amateur kick boxing career with a record of (59-1) with three world titles, Blake Franklin (2-1-1) is raring and ready to make some noise in the world of mixed martial arts. And come October 10th at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier, LA, Franklin will get that chance to shine as he takes on arch nemesis and cross town rival Brandon Rondon in what is being anticipated as the granny of grudge matches on the second helping of Cage Kings.

From fighting from the age of seven, to competing in a slew of amateur competitions, the Shreveport native wants the world to know that he is a fighter, and most importantly demands that his will be opponent will be his knock out victim.

Although many may not know the no love lost story of Franklin versus Rondon, let me assure you, it is no hype and is going to be all fight when the bell rings, so if you are in town come fight night be sure to come to the show. For now read onto see what Franklin had to say about his career as well as his upcoming fight, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What inspired you to want to become a fighter?

Blake Franklin:
That is a pretty good question, I was seven and my parents put me into martial arts, from there I started branching out and it stuck from there.

BH: You had over three hundred amateur bouts as a boxer, now as a pro you are in the MMA and not as a boxer, why is that?

in my opinion boxing is to political, you have to know somebody to get where you need to be. All fighting is political, but pro boxing unless you are signed with a big promoter then you are never really going to get anywhere. It doesn’t matter what your record is, you can be (21-0) and somebody (13-2) can make more money than you. That really depressed me, and amateur boxing you can go in there and knock somebody down, but the come back and hit you with three jabs they can win on points. Both are just so political, it put a bad taste in my mouth.

BH: How has it been working with Ring Rulers?

Ring Rulers is a great company, Will used to train at my boxing gym, he is a very fair and always treated me with respect. Unlike some promoters Will actually care about the fighters, I like the Cage Kings thing, they seem to be the breeding game for some up and coming fighters.

BH: Any butterflies?

Not at all, I am ready, I have wanted this fight since I began fighting, I started doing MMA for this fight. Brandon is the reason why I started this, to be the man you have to beat the man, Brandon has not really fought anybody so how can you go around saying that you are the best? We will see who the best is.

BH: How does it feel to finally get the fight against Brandon Rondon?

I am excited about it, it is going to be a great time. I am very surprised that this is going to happen, I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and get a call from Munz or Will saying that Brandon hurt himself or something. I won’t believe it is going to happen until we get in the cage.

BH: I was at your last fight with Ring Rulers, and you came out with this big poster of Brandon Rondon naked holding something over his private area, what the hell was that all about? (Laughing)

I respect Ring Rulers and Cage Kings, but Brandon and I do not like each other, this is not hype, we hate each other. When I came back in March he was sitting ringside, his friend and manager were both judges, as I am walking to my corner Brandon is there talking trash the entire time. He started it, he talks trash everywhere, I thought all he wanted to do is talk. His last fight he went in there and beat this guy, after his win he stood over his opponent shaking his hand at him, so naturally the guy pushed him off, then Brandon took a swing at him. Then after all that was over, he proclaimed to be this big Christian wanting people to come pray with him, I find that to be a big hypocrite, you claim all this and then send pictures to a girl of you naked. Anybody find that amusing?

BH: So that is how you got the picture?

Actually he hacked on this girls MySpace page and sent me a friend request. When I brought the poster in the ring just to see the look on his face, man I guess he finally decided to sign the contract.

BH: So you are playing the mind games?

I just want Brandon to come into shape and not have any excuses because I won’t have any. I want this fight, and Brandon looks sacred. Come October 10th it is going to be a war, I hope he doesn’t come in there trying to lay down, I want him to fight hard. In his head he thinks he is the best but come fight night he has never been hit by somebody who can actually throw a punch and come fight night I am going to hit him and hit him hard!

BH: Any message you would like to send out to Brandon before the fight?

Train hard, come in thinking that you are the best because I am only going to knock you out, and please don’t have your Mom on the front row because I don’t want to see her crying while you are laying there unconscious.

BH: Anything in closing?

Yes, I fought in March and I am ashamed of it, I was not in shape and not ready. It was a bad situation because I embarrassed myself and them. But that will never happen again. I am there to prove that I am the elite fighter, I have a lot of Nay Sayers, I am here to say that, that is bull, I am a fighter.

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