Steve Cunningham speaks out on Tomasz Adamek and the cruiserweight division
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Oct 7, 2008)  
It was recently announced that the IBF cruiserweight title holder Steve “USS” Cunningham 21-1 (11) will defend his strap December 11th at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, against the former world champion Tomasz Adamek 35-1 (24).

Cunningham, who earned the strap may of 2007 with a decision win over Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, has not fought on his home turf of the Unites States in two years, and is very pleased with the homecoming, and the
chance to once again showcase his talents to his home countrymen.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Cunningham speaks out on his upcoming bout as well as touching on other subjects in and around the boxing world, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: It has just been announced that you will be defending against Tomasz Adamek come December 11th, what are your thoughts on that bout?

Steve Cunningham:
I think it is probably going to be one of the best fights of the year, you have a former champion with only one loss. And you have me of course, a champion who is hungry, I am actually starving I trying to get where these guys have come and passed. I am fighting for my life, over all I am fighting for the glory of God. This is what He has given me to do, and I want to be the best at it, that is what I think of when I am working out. When Adamek and I clash it is going to be a good fight. He is a technical sound dude, he is tough he is durable and then you have me, a good boxer with good power, I am all around good so I am expecting a good hard fight with him. If he is not expecting the same out of me then it is going to be an easy night for us.

BH: This will be your first fight back in the United States in two years, how does it feel to once again showcase your talents at home?

First I would like to thank God in Jesus name because he does answer prayers. Of course we have going overseas the past few times had to be Jesus’ will to establish the type of fighter we are, we are willing to go no matter where the battle takes us. Having to fight home in America as a champion is sweet, it is a sweetness that I cannot explain. That type of thing right there makes me work even harder to be even better, sharper, faster, stronger. It feels beyond greatness, I cannot even explain it to you.

BH: What statement do you feel you have made about Steve Cunningham with these past few fights over seas?

First of all we do not travel anywhere unless it is with God, we totally feel that we made a statement, that Cunningham cannot be distracted, his concentration cannot be broken, and he has the patience that God gave him. We waited on the Lord for the title. I think the statement that we made is that the “USS” Cunningham is here to stay, he is dangerous, he is tough, and he is smart. I don’t know man, ask some of these other cruiserweights of what they think of me, because that is the only thing that I can think of.

BH: What do you think about Adamek as far as his style goes?

I think he is a very good fighter, I was rooting for him in the (Paul) Briggs II fight, I was there ringside. I think he brings a lot to the table, he brings experience, he has more experience than me in a sense, he has thirty something fights and a world champion and has fought on mega cards. He has been around the block. He brings power and technical skills to the fight, I am expecting a good fight from him. We believe in Jesus name that we are going to bring an even better fight.

BH: What are your thoughts on the cruiserweight division at this time?

It if off the charts, for the past few years the cruiserweight division has been exploding on the scene, but the problem is like I have said before, the major networks are not picking up the fights. It is pretty weird seeing all the other divisions getting all the shine, yes they have earned it, but there is another division out there. I think the networks are being lazy and not doing there homework. Give the people a treat, and to see the “USS” Cunningham on HBO or Showtime would be a treat for the people.

BH: What are your thoughts on Guillermo Jones finally getting a title?

It is beautiful, I was totally rooting for him. We know each other, we talk when we see each other, of course business is business, and if he keeps the title and God willing we stay champion, a unification bout would be great. I am not saying I would not do it, but it is not something that is on the immediate horizon, but it is there. I would love to rematch, and I sure he would love to rematch me, it would be much bigger, more money more exposure and everything. I take my hat off to him for going over there as I did and taking the belt.

BH: What about David Haye, a former cruiserweight champion, now without a single time in the heavyweight division is ranked #5 in the WBC and #3 in the WBO. He has not proven himself as a heavyweight yet, calling out all these fighters, what is up with this guy and what are your thoughts on it all?

Well that is the thing with it, he is ranked #3 in the WBO, that right there shows you the politics in the boxing business. Secondly, the heavyweights in the WBO, they should be putting up a big fuss that boxing has never heard before. Yes of course he was a cruiserweight champion and he moved up, he should get a ranking, but not that high. I think it is a political move, you can not go off of what a guy did in his last division and put him so high in the next division, that is too high. Then you have a guy like Ray Mercer looking for a fight, Ray was great in his day, but that is gone now. I think Haye bit off more than what he can chew by fighting Monte Barrett. Monte is a very good fighter, he is experienced, strong and hungry. Guys are like hey, Haye talks so much trash about the division, he dogged those guys, now he has everybody gunning for him. Why do you want forty assassins gunning for you when you only have to fight one guy?

BH: If you could send a message out to Adamek before the fight what would you say?

Get ready for a good fight, I am bringing my best and I know that he is bringing his best, there is not too much to say, just come to the fight. Let’s make a great fight for the people.

BH: Anything in closing?

The same old thing, my daughter is doing great, she is up and walking, she is doing normal little girl stuff like getting into everything having Daddy tell her to sit down all the time, but that is beautiful, I thank the Lord for that, and I thank everybody for their prayers and support for our family.

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