Brandon Rondon: “I’ll have a get well soon basket ready for Blake after the fight”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Oct 9, 2008)  
The old adage goes, “actions speak louder than words”, and if the action is anything like the talk that has been thrown around in the pre fight hype of Rondon vs. Franklin, then Brandon Rondon who meets up against Blake Franklin (2-1-1) this Friday night at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome in his MMA professional debut, is going to be bloody brawl.

Rondon, who is a former ISCF featherweight champion, banged out a respectable record of (8-1) in the
amateurs. Hailing from Bossier City, La, by the way of New York, Brandon also known as the “Suicide Kidd”, excelled in Jiu-Jitsu, and come fight night the twenty-two year old fighter plans on laying down the law against foe Blake Franklin.

The two fighters have nothing but bad blood between the two and Cage Kings will showcase the mayhem at “Destruction at the Dome”. All though it is Rondon’s professional debut, the former number one ranked amateur fighter strongly states that, Franklin does not belong with the big boys, and he wants to be the one to get him out for good. Before the fists fly Friday night, read on for Rondon’s response to Franklin, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You will be facing Blake Franklin this Friday night, give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Brandon Rondon:
Well, he is a kick boxer, and I have trained in kick boxing, that was my specialty, then I fell in love with Jiu-Jitsu, which he has none of that what so ever. He has no clinch game, he is not an all around fighter. So I am going out there to prove to him that he does not belong in the MMA. He cannot compete with us, I want to prove him wrong and get him out of the MMA for good.

BH: What exactly is the bad blood between you to?

Because MMA was no as popular until the Ultimate Fighter began, that was when everybody started getting into the MMA, and the local fights started getting bigger. Well, it started taking away Blake Franklin’s spot light, he has a big ego and probably got jealous. He called me out at a fight one time, so I told him that I was down with fighting him. I have wanted to fight him for the past two years but every time it would come up something would happen, then he went to turn pro. So this is the only reason why I am turning pro, just to fight him. Blake does not belong in the pro rankings, let alone the amateur rankings. I read his little article that he did a week or so ago and him saying that I have not fought anybody of a high caliber. I was ranked number one in the ISCF rankings, which is the world rankings for the amateurs and pro, it is the world’s largest sanctioning body for the MMA. And he dares to say that about me? My only loss came from a guy named Jason Horak, and his coach is a coach on the Ultimate Fighter this season, my only loss came form a guy whose coach in the UFC. I would like to see Blake fight anyone of the guys that I have fought, Derrick would destroy him in a heart beat.

BH: You read the interview, so you seen some of the comments made by Blake, one being he told you not to let your mother sit in the front row because he does not want to see her crying when you are laying there unconscious. Does his words get under your skin, how do you respond to that?

That stuff does not get to me, because the funny thing is, when he got beat back in March his mother was in the front row crying that is my baby, while he was laying there getting elbowed in the face. My friend Daniel was sitting next to here and she was the one crying, we thought it was hilarious when he said my Mom was going to be the one crying. I bet you if my Mom stepped in the cage with Blake, she would destroy him, my mom is a tough girl and she is not going to be in the front row crying.

BH: What do you feel are your best qualities as a fighter?

My strength and cardio, I walk around at 160-pounds, he walks around 135-pounds, so my twenty-five pound cut that I am doing, we have it down right. I am going to be stronger and faster.

BH: How has it been working with Ring Rulers?

They are a good company, Will treats all of his fighters good, he puts on a good show and everything is fair and equal. I am looking forward to Cage Kings, I know everything is going to run perfect.

BH: What are your hobbies out of the fight game?

Just being a college guy, hanging out with my friends and buddies. I try to stay active all the time.

BH: I have to ask this question, at Blake’s last fight he brought a poster of you in the nude with a hat over your private area. What the hell was that all about, I mean you had to be the one to take it, was it you or was it photo cropped?

It was me, the funny thing about that, I put that on my space, and my friend Amber’s my space, he said that I hacked into it. It was not some random girl, it was one of my friends, I told her that if she gave me a day I would be able to crack her password and I did. So I changed everything around. I gave consent to that picture, it was not like I was passed out drunk naked, I was smiling, I wanted people to see it. It does not embarrass me, at parties a lot of the time I am taking my shirt off or pants off or jumping in the lake doing something stupid. The funny thing, why did he have a big blown up poster of me? Kind of funny, he has to have a picture of me to get his girl off. I told him that and he got so pissed.

BH: What can we expect from yourself come fight night?

Well, I wanted to finish him early, I wanted to go in there and beat him so quickly, but my trainers told me to pound him down for all three rounds and in the last seconds of the fight knock him out or submit him. I plan on to pick him apart and get on the ground and pound on him.

BH: If you could say anything to this guy what would you say?

Well, I am going to send a little message to Blake, if he wants to come play with the big boys, he is going to be in for a big reality check. He does not belong in the MMA, most of the people he fought was garbage, the last guy he fought, my little sister can fight better than that. I am going to show him what it is like to be in a real fight.

BH: Anything in closing?

No, I think that is about it, tell him to keep his hands up, and he will have a get well soon basket on the other side of the cage after the fight.

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