Austin Trout Interview: "Way to go Saul Alvarez, this is what Champions Do!" - By Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing News

Austin Trout Interview: "Way to go Saul Alvarez, this is what Champions Do!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (March 1, 2013) Doghouse Boxing

Austin Trout
April 20th at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX, two undefeated warriors will collide in a much anticipated unification bout, as the WBA 154-pound title holder, Austin Trout 26-0 (14), goes head to head against WBC champ, Saul Canelo 41-0-1 (31) in a scheduled twelve round clash. Trout, a twenty-seven year old native of Las Cruces, NM, is coming off the biggest win of his career this past December, when he dominated boxing great, Miguel Cotto. Trout looks to capitalize on that victory with a win over Alvarez, to unify the titles and climb a little higher up the P4P ladder. In this exclusive interview, Austin speaks out on his upcoming bout and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You are set to take on Saul Alvarez April 20th in a title unification, give the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Austin Trout:
It is a huge fight, it is a good match-up, you have two guys in their prime, with belts, undefeated, fighting to stay undefeated. Those elements within itself makes it a great fight. Then you have the skill set of both fighters, I am not trying to toot my own horn, but I like to consider myself a pretty skilled fighter. Canelo is a beast in his own right. We are coming to unify, somebody’s 0 has to go, and I know damn well it ain’t going to be mine. I am sure he is thinking the same thing, but, we will see who proves it, April 20th.

BH: You guys were going to face off May 4th on the Mayweather/Guerrero undercard, but, Saul did not take that date because he wanted Floyd to sign a contract for Alvarez to be his next fight after Guerrero. Do you take that as a sign of disrespect? I mean, it would seem as if Canelo is over looking you in hopes of fighting Mayweather.

No, I do not seeing disrespectful, I would have seen it as disrespect if he did not fight me, if he would of said that he was not fighting on the Mayweather/Guerrero under card, and I am not fighting Trout. He is still fighting me, I can see where he is coming from, basically he is going to help the numbers, and him fighting me is going to boast those numbers. And he does not want to do that, he does not want to help Floyd out pull numbers like that, if he does  not get his shot. But, what Saul doesn’t understand, is that Floyd has a rematch clause with Guerrero, he is obligated after this fight. I believe that in Nevada you cannot have a contract based on what if. So I see where both of them are coming from, Floyd cannot do that because he is under contract, and Canelo doesn’t want to add to Floyd’s pocket, unless he is going to get some of that later. So I understand where both are coming from. Me, I guess I have not been a star long enough, I could care less, I just want to fight. I want to fight Canelo, and eventually fight Floyd. When and where is not a big issue for me, just as long as it gets done in my only issue.

BH: Looking at your style, versus Alvarez’s, how do you see this fight playing out?

I am preparing for the best Alvarez, he is fast and strong and throws good combinations. I am going to look and see where my strong points are and capitalize on it. I feel I have good foot work. We are going to prepare well, and be a well rounded fighter come April 20th.

BH: Your last fight, has to be one of your biggest wins to date, which was a masterful performance against Miguel Cotto. How has that fight affected your life with the fans?

It changed my life, it was the biggest publicized fights of my career, for me being an anonymous champ, only die hard boxing fans really new or heard about me. but now after this fight, I am on the radar, there are people who does not even watch boxing know who I am.

BH: Anything in closing?

Way to go Saul Alvarez, this is what champions do, they fight the best, and I am glad he took this fight. Much respect to him and I am looking forward to having a great match-up April 20th, and I am sure we will not let the fans down..

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