Sulem Urbina Interview: "Boxing is such an Amazing Sport!" - By Benny Henderson Jr, Doghouse Boxing News

Sulem Urbina Interview: "Boxing is such an Amazing Sport!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (March 8, 2013) Doghouse Boxing

Sulem Urbina
Who says that boxing only belongs to the men of the world? For in the eyes of 112-pound amateur standout, Sulem Urbina (45-10), she believes the lady’s can put on an entertaining show, just as the guys. The twenty-two year old Urbina, who is currently attending Phoenix college, has earned the Golden Gloves Championship in Arizona in 2007 and 2009. She placed third in the 2009 US National Golden Gloves tournament, and is contemplating going for the 2016 Olympics or turning pro. Urbina will be competing this Saturday night in an amateur showcase bout on the Iron Boy Boxing Card at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Az. In this exclusive interview, Sulem speaks out on her career, woman’s boxing, and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: I have to ask this, why would a lady such as yourself, want to lace up the gloves?

Sulem Urbina:
The feeling that you get in there is just amazing. You get this burning feeling in your stomach. Just going to war, I cannot get enough of it, it is so much fun. I have so much fun when I am in the ring. Going toe to toe and out boxing somebody is just thrilling.

BH: Was your family supportive of this, with you being a girl and all?

At first, not so much. My Mother did not like it, when she saw that I started taking it so serious, she did not like me not going to the gym and not spending so much time at home. Then I started coming home with busted lips and black eyes, she really did not like that. But now she is my biggest supporter, she comes to the gym, and comes to all of my fights.

BH: Right now you are still competing as an amateur, but, are you contemplating maybe turning pro anytime soon?

We are still contemplating if I want to wait another four year to go for the Olympics, or, whether we are going to turn pro next year. We are going to wait it out, we are going to see how many fights in the amateurs I can get this next year. Then we will make the best decision for us, either turn pro or wait for the Olympics.

BH: What do you feel are your greatest qualities as a fighter?

Honestly, I do not think that I have a specific style, I can box, counter punch, I can go out and brawl. One of my favorite things to do, is to go out there and brawl. Whatever wins a fight is what I will do.

BH: We know that Gold Medalist, Claressa Shields has helped shed a light on the lady’s amateurs. But, do you feel that the lady’s professional side of the sport is getting the respect and support they deserve? And if not, what would help the sport?

I don’t feel they are getting what they deserve, the promotional companies need to see that these lady’s are going in there and fighting their hearts out. We need more support by the bigger promotional companies, even if it is on the under card of a big event.

BH: Of course the UFC has its first lady champion in Ronda Rousey, do you feel with that emergence, all though not in boxing, do you feel with her being such a public figure now, will shed some light on women’s boxing?

I really hope, and I really think it may shed some light on women’s boxing, because boxing and the MMA is always competing. Maybe that may push a big boxing promotion to want to throw a main event of women’s boxing. I really do hope so.

BH: Anything in closing?

I want everybody to see me fight, I am a very entertaining fighter. Once you see me fight, I feel you will fall in love with me. Come see me fight.

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