Carlos Baldomir: “I have been underestimated and I will bring the fight to Zab Judah!”
INTERVIEW by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (January 2, 2006)  
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In climbing the ladder to the top, long time professional pugilist Carlos Baldomir 41-9-6 (12) has hit a few missing rungs that have slowed his pace but the fifty-six fight veteran has never gave up his dream of being among the elite.

Saturday January 7th 9:00 PM/ET at Madison Square Garden only on Showtime the thirty-four year old WBC number one ranked contender will get a crack at the undisputed welter champion Zab Judah 34-2 (25) and get his shot at toting around the WBC, WBA and the IBF welterweight straps.

The former two-time WBC Intercontinental welterweight champion is posed and ready for a major upset. Can the aggressive counter-puncher take the fight to Super Judah as he proclaims or will the Brooklyn native continue his destruction of his opposition?

In the twelve years of the pugilistic profession Baldomir has faced and beaten the former Danish champion Frank Olsen, he twice knocked out the former unbeaten Alpaslan Aguzum on his home turf and recently defeated the tough Mexican Miguel Angel Rodriguez to gain this well deserved shot. So despite the fact Baldomir is being widely overlooked, his list of accolades is endless and the Argentinean isn’t backing off and he plans on beginning the year with a bang.

Carlos took the time out of his training to speak to the Doghouse and gives his thoughts on his upcoming match-up, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Thank you Carlos for taking out the time to speak to the Doghouse. How has your training been for your upcoming match-up on Showtime?

Carlos Baldomir:
We are getting ready for the fight and I feel ready and I am going to give everybody a big surprise.

BH: What preparations are you making for this bout in your training?

I have done a lot of sparring with left-handed fighters and I am ready for the fight. If the fight goes the distance then I have a really good chance of beating Judah.

BH: Do you feel that you are being overlooked by Judah and the boxing public and if so does being overlooked work in your advantage?

Yes I do think people have underestimated me and it helps because Judah is thinking about his possible next fight and he will be surprised when he fights me.

BH: Can you share a bit of your fight plan?

To bring the fight to Judah from the start and don’t give him any chance to go on throughout the fight.

BH: Is Judah’s power a major concern?

Although Zab is a fast fighter he doesn’t have the power or strength to affect me that much.

BH: What would over Judah say about Carlos Baldomir?

Once I win the fight the whole world will see what I am made of and they will stand with their mouths open because it will be a surprise.

BH: How hard is it being a professional fighter and what has he learned about the sport in his years of competing?

Boxing is basically a big business and I have come to realize that by the amount of time that I have had to wait for this fight.

BH: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

My special weapon is my counter right.

BH: If you could say anything to Zab Judah what would it be?

It is too late for you to prepare for this fight because you have underestimated me and I will bring the fight to you.

BH: Is there anything you would like to say in closing of this interview?

Watch the fight and you will enjoy the fight and it will be a pleasant New Years Eve fight.

Doghouse would like to thank the individuals who made this interview possible, John Beyrooty, Carlos’s manager Javier Zapata, Javier Jr. for translating and Carlos Baldomir for his time.
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