Sechew Powell: “I am going to have to end this fight violently!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Jan 13, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
154-pound contender Sechew Powell 24-2 (14) is ready to put the past behind him and move forward as he looks to make 2009 his year to shine, and his continuous journey to the top of the crop puts the twenty-nine year old pugilist in the ring this Wednesday night as he takes on veteran Christian Lloyd Joseph 12-7-3 (5) in a junior middleweight showdown.

Powell, who is coming off a rollercoaster 2008, aims to make ‘09 a successful one as he guns for the big names in his division. Although most would call his upcoming opponent Christian Joseph an easy target, the Brooklyn-based boxer is not taking his foe lightly, and insists he must end the fight violently to prove to his critics that the “Iron Horse” is not ready to be fenced in to graze the pasture.

In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Powell speaks on this past year and what this year has in store for he and his fans, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: We are ringing in a fresh new year, before we get into 2009, what grade would you give yourself for 2008?

Sechew Powell:
’08 was probably a B- in my book, because of my performance in June, I came out there and gave a sub par performance which hurt me in so many ways I am still trying to recover from. So I will say a B-.

BH: You did have a minor set back in ’08 with the loss, but do you take it more as a learning experience instead of a set back, maybe something you can use for your future?

Absolutely 100%, as much as it was a set back, there is no question about that; it was also a learning experience. It was a learning experience I really did not need but at the same time, well, I did not need it in terms of my career, but in terms of being positive and helping me move forward it helped me tremendously. I have learned no matter what, you get to that number one spot, you are still no guaranteed the next step, and people are not just going to give you the win. I kind of had that attitude, like I am number one and these guys are going to have to recognize that, when I hit you, you fade away. It does not work that way, you have to break a man’s will, I hate to be so harsh or so crude but you have to break a man’s will and show him that you are better than him. That is one thing I learned.

BH: To close out the year you fought tough journeyman Clarence Taylor, the guy has fought the likes of Bronco McKart, David Estrada, has a won over David Medina, fought Jose Antonio Rivera, he has a lot of mileage on him. Was he as tough as you thought he would be?

He was just as tough as I thought he would be, when you go into fights like that you just want to do as well as you can because you are going in there with a guy in retrospect who has everything to gain and nothing to lose. He really had nothing to lose, no pressure. That was a challenge in that fight and I think I did well, it was a fight to get me back into things, he was tough, and I would rather fight a guy like him opposed to a glass Joe.

BH: You are fixing to be battling Christian Lloyd Joseph, people would look at his record and see the 12-7 they would see easy money, but you start dissecting his record in who he fought, like J. Clottey, James Moore, a lot guys he fought out there. You say he’s an opponent, but certainly you are not taking him lightly?

He has been in there with some good fighters, he has a lot of experience, I am not going to take him lightly, I already made that mistake within the last eight months, and I do not plan on doing that again. I am going to take this very seriously and more importantly this fight is an opportunity to shine, to show people that I am still relevant in the 154-pound division and in order to show people I am going to have to end this fight violently. I am looking to be spectacular, violent and sharp.

BH: 2006 was a little rocky for you, you redeemed yourself on 2007, you opened ’08 looking good, had a set back, with the past behind you, what is your outlook for 2009?

This year, in my heart Benny, I truly believe this is going to be my year to get my shot at a championship belt. That is the goal that is what I want, that is what I am aiming for, that is why I am still going because I believe that ’09 will be the year that I get my title shot. I am looking to shine, and I am looking to get there. I am dedicating all my energy and all my time for me to get that belt in 2009.

BH: I am not trying to be negative in any kind of way brother, but you know that you have your fans and you have your critics, and you have some who have written Sechew Powell off, I am not being rude but heck, you know this sport better than I do. What do you say to the ones who have written you off?

In my opinion, the ones who have written me off are the ones who were sceptic of me in the start, and they were looking for the first opportunity to write me off. They used the Latimore fight as an excuse, but those guys have been around since day one. The ones who never really believed that Sechew Powell was a real fighter, they kind of see me as an over rated guy. The truth is I am far from an over rated guy, I am the guy in this 154-pound division that from the start has looked for the toughest out there. I have never taken the soft route; all the guys that I have in the ring with was brave enough to step up to the challenge. We pitched offers to many guys in this division, from the veterans, to the up and comers, most said no, most said no, they wanted nothing to do with Sechew Powell, high risk low reward. They do not want anything to do with me. I reached in the bottom of nowhere for Latimore, he was relativity an unknown an he is still an unknown, he has one good win and that was me, I gave him an opportunity. And people would say why would you give a tough guy like that an opportunity, because again it is about legacy, it is about me making the best fights that I can make and winning them. I am going to continue that in ’09, I am going to look for the best guys out there we want James Kirkland Alfred Angulo, these are the names we want in 2009. And of course the rematch with Latimore, but I am thinking they are going to take that win and run, which is in part cowardly, but as well a smart decision because he knows that he did not get me at my best.

BH: That Latimore fight is driving you now?

It drives me, here is this guy, who had no record, and all if a sudden is a major player in the 154-pound division, with most of the critics who don't even rate me as they should, but at the same time they give him a lot of credit. They consider me a great fighter but they do not want to say it or give me the credit?

BH: Why is that?

Ah Benny, (Laughs). I have no clue, I spent a lot of time, and I just have to continue to do my thing. There are some people still out there who get excited about a Sechew Powell fight, not it might be a small percentage, maybe like 5% but at the same time it is rough for me to get excited to do my thing. I am still excited to hold on to that 5% of fan fare that I have, it means something to me.

BH: Ah man you might have more, maybe like 6 ½%, so it’s all good. (Both Laugh) Seriously anything closing?

Thank you to all the fans out there who have supported the “Iron Horse” since day one and I am going to continue to put on the best shows and greatest fights that I can. I will promise you this much, I am going to come out 100% every time out, with no excuses, let the best man win, that is how I am rolling in 2009. I am not done, my passion is still strong and I still want to be world champ.

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