Robert Guerrero Interview - On Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Humberto Soto, Malcolm Klassen and much More!
By Benny Henderson Jr. (Jan 21, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Two-time word champion Robert Guerrero has been laying down the law for nine years now, beating foes down in his climb to be the best in the business, and Doghouse Boxing has covered “The Ghost” from prospect to world champion. And in this exclusive interview the Champ speaks to the Dog Pound once again to let the fight world know what is going down with Robert Guerrero. Enjoy!
BH:  How has your down time been since your conquest of Malcolm Klassen, where you won your third world title in two different weight classes?
Everything is great.  I’m just waiting to hear from my promoter and manager’s about my next fight.  I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring to defend my title.
BH:  So any word on your next fight and who’ll you’ll be facing?
Nothing is scheduled as of now.  I know Richard Schaefer, Shelly Finkel and Bob Santos along with the whole Golden Boy Promotions team are working hard to get me back in the ring.  I know I’m going to leave to camp soon so I’m just enjoying spending time with my wife and kids. 
BH:  I know the fans have been praying for your wife, can you tell us how she is doing?
She’s doing well and I’m truly thankful for everyone’s prayers.
BH: Well everyone here at Doghouse Boxing sends our prayers to your wife Casey. So, back to your career, who do you want to fight in your next bout?
You know I’ll fight anyone my team puts in front of me.  Of course I would love to challenge Pacquiao, but a fight with Marquez or any of the champions at my weight would be great as well.  Humberto Soto is another person I would love to fight.
BH:  Your last fight with Malcolm Klassen was one of your best performances on HBO.  Do you think your next fight will be back on HBO?
  From what my managers are telling me yes.  I felt I learned a lot in my fight with Klassen.  He is a really good fighter.  Going the distance with a fighter like Klassen you can only get better.
BH:  So what are your thoughts on the state of boxing?
I think Boxing is really hot right now.  With the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight looming, everyone is excited.  Even though the fight is not happening in March I believe they’ll find a way to make that fight happen.  There are a ton of great fights to be made out there.  All the great fighters are fighting each other.  Boxing is here to stay.
BH:  Well Doghouse Boxing wants to thank you for doing this interview.   We look forward to the announcement of your next fight.  Any last words you want to say to the fans?
I want to thank the fans and everyone for their support of my career, including my management team, Richard Schaefer and the rest of the Golden Boy team.  I’m always going to be looking for the big fights.  I want to be remembered as someone that fought everyone.  Thank you and God Bless.

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