Robert Guerrero: "I'm Back!"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Jan 22, 2009)  
It has been eleven months since Robert Guerrero 22-1-1 (15) has seen any ring action, but come this Saturday night that all changes for the former IBF featherweight champion as he takes on the seasoned veteran Edel Ruiz 31-21-4 (22) in a 130-pound match-up at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.
In his nine year career Guerrero has compiled wins over the likes of Enrique Sanchez (TKO 8), Spend Abazi (TKO 9) and in his last outing to out-tough guys Jason Litzau in an exciting eight round war. Now under the Golden Boy banner, Guerrero is poised for names such as Barrera, Valero and Pacquiao.
In this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing, Guerrero speaks out on his time off, his come back and his future, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.: It has been eleven months since you have seen any ring action, how do you feel coming into this match-up?
Robert Guerrero:
Excited, I am very excited, it has been eleven months and I have not been able to get in the ring. Especially coming off of two good victories, it is exciting to know that I have this fight and I am ready.
BH: Ring rust comes into the question when a fighter is off for a certain period of time, is that a concern for you?
No, there is no concern, I stayed in shape the whole eleven months I was out, I stayed in good shape and made sure that I was sharp. I did some different sparring and training in making sure that I did not get to heavy, I took real good care of myself?
BH: Do you know anything about this cat that you are fighting?
Ah not to much, he is a tough fighter and has fought a lot of tough good quality fighters, so he has a lot of good experience. But I am ready for whatever he brings, I cannot wait.
BH: What is it like now fighting for one of the worlds most recognizable names in the boxing world in De La Hoya?
It is exciting, it is exciting for what he has done as a fighter and now for what he is doing as a promoter. And to be part of it is real exciting and it is going to do a lot for my career.
BH: I know that you have to get this fight out of the way, but are the Golden Boy gang talking about big fights for you?
Yes, when I signed there were talks about big fights, the one good thing that I am excited about is that they are going to bring some fights around my area, my hometown. I cannot wait for that.
BH: You have guys out there like Pacquiao, Marquez, Barrera, Valero, do you feel that you are ready for that elite level?
Oh yes, yes I mean, it is time for those big fights. That is where I want to be, I want to be in the ring with the big fighters like that and go out there and make it happen. To know that I have Golden Boy backing me now I know that I will be bale to get those fights in the future.
BH: Santos and Finkel excited about your future?
Oh yes, they are real excited, they are real excited that they have somebody easy they can work with, somebody that wants to make the right moves like they do.
BH: What about the boys at 135-pound as Luan Diaz and such, you think you could handle a fighters as such?
Oh yes, I mean they are too level fighters and I am a top level fighter to and it is just getting the opportunity and the time to shine, and show the world that I am at that level.
BH: What can the fans expect from Guerrero come fight night?
What they always see, somebody putting up a good fight, putting on a good show and somebody coming in prepared for whatever challenges are in front of me. I am excited that I am back, getting back in the ring, now at 130-pounds it is more comfortable, I feel stronger, it is exciting that I am getting back in.

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