Allan Green: ”I will be champ in 2008!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Jan 24, 2008) Doghouse Boxing 
The once beaten super middleweight contender Allan Green 26-1 (18) has high hopes for 2008; the Oklahoman demands that this year will be his year to hold a major strap in his division.

Thus far early in his proclaimed championship year Green has defeated pugilist Rubin Williams via unanimous decision, next a possible date in February then…the top!

Green had a decent ’07, while suffering from a life threatening illness which required Green to lose 85% of his colon Allan lost a hard fought entertaining fight to Edison Miranda. Since the first L recorded on his record Green has two knock out victories, which closed out 2007, and a UD won for 2008. And now healthy and ready to go Green has a bright out look for the remainder of this year.

In this exclusive interview Allan Green speaks on his recent win as well as potential upcoming opponents, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr. : Congrats on your first win of 2008, give the readers your thoughts on your victory over Rubin Williams.

Allan Green:
You know I was glad that I got to go the distance, I pitched a shut out, so I feel ok. I was not at my best; I out boxed the guy who is usually known to out box his opponents. I was fighting the flu but I feel good about my performance.

BH: You were recently in studio on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights and watched two potential opponents, one being Jean Pascal and the other the only man to beat you, Edison Miranda. Give the readers your assessment on each of the two and their wins.

AG: I don’t think anything of Pascal; I did not think anything of his win. Pascal is over hyped, I think he has the problem what a lot of fighters have, his hype is a lot better than he is, I really think Pascal is a joke. Miranda did what he was supposed to do against David Banks, he did what he was supposed to do against such an opponent as David Banks is, he got him out of there, he treated him like what he was. Some guys would get a guy like David Banks and not take care of business but he took care of business.

BH: It was rumored at one time that Andre Ward was a possible opponent for you, what happened to that fight?

Yeah, we were in talks but I don’t even know if he was serious. I wanted the fight but I had a previous obligation with ESPN, I tried to get it to where I could have fought on ESPN and then Ward later on but it couldn’t happen. I heard the show got cancelled and then later I heard it got moved back. I’m not worried about it

BH: What is next for yourself?

I am trying to fight February 29th on ESPN.

BH: Anybody in particular?

No, but hopefully we can make it happen and stay busy. I want to be champion in ’08, there is nobody on particular that I would like to fight on the 29th but after that I am looking at guys like Lacy, Miranda, Bute or Kessler, guys like that. Anything less than that to me is a waste of my time.

BH: Anything in closing?

Yep, I’ll be champ in ’08!

I would like to thank Allan Green for continuously using Doghouse Boxing as a platform to speak his mind.

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