Calvin Brock & Clifford Etienne post fight interviews
Interviews by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (January 25, 2005)  
Calvin Brock
In front of a hyped up crowd on a Friday night in Houston, Texas, two heavyweights went at it in the middle of the ring. On one side you had the young prospect Calvin Brock, 24-0 (20), trying to make a name for himself and add another W to his record while climbing another rung up the heavyweight ladder. On the other side you had fight veteran Clifford Etienne, 29-3-2 (20), who was trying to get back in the mix of things. Three rounds later Brock would be hailed the victor after referee Laurence Cole stopped the fight after Etienne hit the canvas a total of three times. Brock will now be moving on up and will hopefully be facing a top ten opponent, while Etienne is left with facing hard questions about his career and where he should go from here. Who will Brock step in the ring with next? Does the 'Black Rhino' still feel he can continue on and make a successful run for the top? Well, the Doghouse was ringside and got the scoop on what will be. Here is what both heavyweights had to say.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey, I first just want to say congratulations. Before the fight you said that you needed to look spectacular in this win to get your career to going. Looking at this fight do you think you accomplished that?

Calvin Brock:
I think I came out and gave everybody what they were looking for and it was a spectacular win and maybe it opened up a lot of eyes and maybe people are saying that Calvin Brock is going to be a good prospect for the heavyweight title.

BH: I know you’ll fight anybody, you have said that many times before. But if it were all up to Calvin Brock who would you like to step in the ring with next?

I don’t really think about it man, I just leave it all in God’s hands and let him choose my opponents. I know that whoever He chooses for me will be my next best step. My career has been working out that way so I don’t really want to call anybody out. I will take it fight by fight and whoever He wants to put me in there with, I will get up in there with him.

BH: You have continuously said that if you get a title shot that it wouldn’t be against a Don King fighter.

(Breaks into question) I don’t think I said that, I said reasonably speaking looking at the way the boxing industry is it probably won’t be a Don King fighter but I said God opens doors for me that no man can shut. So God can bless me anyway so I might end up fighting a Don King fighter, Don King may call on me, you never know.

BH: What was the deal after the fight when the unknown guy in the crowd came up and challenged you?

Man he was just a punk, I don’t know who he is. Well, it was somebody that isn’t going to get a fight with me, that is who it was.

BH: Anything you want to say in closing?

Calvin Brock is the real heavyweight champion of the world.

Interview with Clifford Etienne

Benny Henderson Jr.:
Can you give us your thoughts on your bout against Calvin Brock?

Clifford Etienne: Yeah man, I feel that Calvin came to fight and I came to fight and I know that everything don’t always go as according as planned all the time. I got caught and got knocked down but I got right back up and I was cool, there was nothing wrong with me. My recovery time is excellent even if I don’t get knocked down, I get hit, I get hurt, I recover very quickly. I am in shape, you know I was in shape but the referee stopped the fight.

BH: You seemed to have your feet after the last knockdown and after the stoppage you seemed pretty upset, do you feel it was a premature stoppage and that you could have continued?

Oh of course, there ain’t any doubt in my mind that I could have continued. Calvin even knew I could have continued, but things happen.

BH: Well what is next for you? I mean do you feel you can rebound and try another run and be successful at it?

I can always rebound if I want too. I am going to see what is going on and see what is next on the plate. I haven’t made a decision yet but you know what you do? Call me in the middle of next week and I will have a definite answer for you.

BH: Even with the loss you were being approached by people wanting to get autographs and so on. I even saw a few little kids come up and get you to sign for them. How does make you feel to know that you are still being backed up by the 'Black Rhino' fans even in defeat?

I love it man. I am a people person, you know what I am saying. I am not a hardheaded guy, I love people, they are the ones that make it possible, the boxers and the fans. I mean the promoters, managers are just the side lines and help things work a little bit but as far as really making it work, you can’t do it without the boxers and the people that come to the fight. The first ingredient is the fighters and the second ingredient is the fans.

BH: You have been around for a while and know the ropes and you have now faced Calvin Brock. Calvin has said that he will be the heavyweight champion of the world. Now that you have faced him what are your thoughts him becoming the next champion?

I don’t know, I mean I know things happen, I talked to Calvin after the fight and I gave him some good advice like staying away from knuckleheads and hangers-on and that other stuff and to keep on moving on. I got nothing against anybody, I fight, period. I just respect anybody that goes through what I go through. I just want him to go do what he can do and be the best he can be.

BH: Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

I would like to thank all my fans that supported me and everything and hopefully I didn’t let them down and we will see what is going on in the future.

I would like to thank both Calvin Brock and Clifford Etienne for taking the time out for the Doghouse and sharing their thoughts for the fans.
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