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Heavyweight contender Brian ‘The Beast’ Minto 29-2 (18) had a respectable 2007. Although losing a disputable hometown decision from the hands of Luan Krasniqi, Minto garnered back to back first rounds victories over Ray Lunsford and Byron Polley earning himself the WBA Fedecentro heavyweight title to close out the year, and Minto believes 2008 will be the year of the beast, and hopes for a Minto vs. Mesi showdown in the near future.

From unforgettable wins over Vinny Maddalone and traveling to Germany as the underdog to send back into retirement
Axel Schulz, Minto doesn’t mind being the working mans boxer, and the Butler boxer does not mind a challenge.

So although previous negotiations fell through with the undefeated fighters such as Roman Greenberg and Joe Mesi, Brian in confident ‘Baby’ Joe will be a part of the near future. Read on to see what Brian had to say on the potential match-up as well as other topics, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Congrats on your recent quick knockout over Byron Polley, give the readers your thoughts on the W.

Brian Minto:
He had a good record and has beaten some guys and I knew he was coming to fight, but like I said before as soon as I hit him he was going to go. I caught him right off the bat with a good right hand and it split his eye wide open and he went down to one knee fell down on his face and got back up. I got him again and almost knocked him through the ropes. It was another fight for me to climb back up with a winning streak.

BH: What are your future plans?

BM: I am hoping to get back in the ring in April, maybe take another tune up fight. There are some big plans in the works for early summer.

BH: I read in a recent interview that Joe Mesi’s team are still into including you in their future plans, I know you two were in negotiations before for a fight which did not pan out, your thoughts on that match-up and when do you think it will come about?

I think it would be a really good fight; he is a tough fighter who will bring a tough competitive fight. He think that since he has been on top already he looks down and me and thinks that he is stronger and bigger and he will be able to knock me out and that I am not even in his league. Well the only was we are going to find out is to get into that squared circle and let the gloves do all the talking. I am very confident in my abilities that I can beat Joe Mesi. I am getting better.

BH: Just recently ESPN had your knock out over Vinny Maddalone as candidate of “Knockout of the Decade”. Must be an honor getting recognized for knocking somebody out?

It really was, I was watching Friday Night Fights and I heard Brian talking about an ex football player versus a bouncer and I knew right away it was or fight. It was cool seeing me back on TV again, I am sure Vinny don’t like it. I think it was the knockout of 2004; they have a knockout for each year of the past decade.

BH: You may be right. If you had control over the next year of your career, what course would you take?

There is always going to be some failure with success, so I take this as a learning process and I keep getting better and improving. What the future holds we will have to wait and see.

BH: Anything in closing?

I want to thank my fans, and 2008 is going to be my year! I am going to be in line for a title after the summer.

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