Prince Badi Ajamu Talks Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins, Chad Dawson, as well as his return to the ring
By Benny Henderson Jr. (Feb 4, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
It has been seven months since Prince Badi Ajamu 27-3-1(15) has seen any ring action, but the “Boxing Prince” is preparing for his return which should be coming up here within the next few months.

The New Jersey native just completed camp with the light heavyweight contender Yusaf Mack, who will be battling veteran Glen Johnson this weekend.

Ajamu has fought against the likes of Roy Jones Jr., Otis Grant and Rico Hoye, but the thirty-eight year old boxer wants the likes of Chad Dawson, Jean Pascal as well as others in his respected division.

In this exclusive interview the “Boxing Prince” speaks out on his return, as well as his thoughts on the Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr. match-up and much more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.
First off I would like to thank you for your time, and most importantly what has been going down with you these days?

Prince Badi Ajamu
No problem, it is my pleasure. Well actually that is a good question, I just got back from training camp working with Yusaf Mack preparing him for his fight this weekend against Glen Johnson. I am actually getting ready myself to do something in the next few months.

BH: What are your thoughts on the Yusaf Mack versus Glen Johnson match-up?

I think it is a good fight for Mack, I think it is a fight for Johnson to prove that he deserves another title shot; he is definitely the gate keeper of the division right now, if you want to be a champ you have to get through Glen Johnson, which is no easy task.

BH: You said you may be returning to the ring here in a few months, anybody in mind to return against?

Just somebody to get me back in the top ten rankings and to reactivate my status.

BH: What are your thoughts on the light heavyweight division at this time?

 I think it is a hot division, a division where you have a lot of power, and speed, depending on what fighters you are talking about. I just think right now I am a little hard on Chad Dawson, because I think he is trying to make his money, I feel that he could be in a fight against Tarvis Cloud, but I think Chad is trying to collect the other belts before he has to fight Cloud. I think you are going to have some exciting fights coming up in the light heavyweight division, I think you have some guys to look out for.

BH: I know you are talking about fighting somebody to get you in the rankings, is there anybody specific that you would like to step in the ring with?

 I wouldn’t mind fighting Pascal, but nobody in particular, before Mack got the fight against Johnson I thought that would be a good fight for me to get backing to the rankings, because Johnson is the guardian of the division.

BH: You fought Roy Jones Jr. and now Roy is slated to fight Bernard Hopkins, a fight that should have happened years ago, but either way it is happening now, your thoughts on that match-up?

I think it is good for Bernard, I don’t necessarily think it is good for Roy, after going to Australia and being so called stopped by Danny Green, I don’t think a fight against Bernard would be the best for Roy, but then again.

BH: Looking at yourself, what do you feel is your greatest asset as a fighter?

The fact of how I live, I live clean, I don’t have twenty-girls running around me, I don’t party, and I am always in some kind of shape. And out of the ring I am approachable, somebody wants to ask me a question, or contact me about something that is reasonable, I will cooperate. Plus, I am still a threat; nobody can take me lightly on any given night.

BH: How much do you feel you have to prove in this division?

 In this division you have to prove a lot and I will tell you why, when Roy Jones was on top, and he was beating everybody and making them look like nobody, you still had people saying stuff about him. But look over the history over who he has fought, Montell Griffin was a credible guy; to me he fought a lot of credible guys. But people still talked, it was not Roy’s fault that they were not as talented as him. So to me boxing doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves. So there is always something to prove.

BH: Any message you would like to send out to the fight world?

 I am looking forward to fighting against some good guys and putting on some entertaining fights, and I want to thank the true fans out there. A true fan is there with your ups and downs, and I thank them for that.

BH: Anything in closing?

I want to thank you for taking the time out to interview me, and for everybody to stay tuned, I will be back within the next two or three months.

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