Dominick Guinn speaks out on Alexander Povetkin, the Klitschko brothers, Teddy Atlas and more!
By Benny Henderson Jr. (Feb 27, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Former heavyweight contender Dominick Guinn 32-6-1 (21) was raring and ready to jump the pound and take on the undefeated heavyweight contender Alexander Povetkin, the two fighters were set to clash March 13th in Germany. But after what Guinn defines as a lot of BS, the Dominick will not be the one stepping in with the undefeated one.

Guinn, who was an all out stand out as an amateur, was touted to be the heir to the heavyweight throne, and after twenty-four consecutive wins, it appeared the “Southern Disaster” was well on his way. But after a disappointing loss to Monte Barrett in 2004, Guinn’s career was more of a see saw with a win here and a loss there.

In 2008, Guinn knocked out the then once beaten Jean Bergeron, and since then has banged out three consecutive victories, pulling his total to four back to back to back wins, something Guinn has not done since 2003.

Now the thirty-four year old veteran is on the verge of a big fight, and had one with Povetkin until the powers that be nixed the bout. So in this exclusive interview Dominick speaks out on the proposed bout, give his reasons why it never materialized, and much more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You were scheduled to fight Alexander Povetkin, from what I understand you had signed, but now that fight is not going through, what happened?

Dominick Guinn: 
Three to four weeks ago my advisor contacted Povetkin’s people about me fighting him, we took the fight and was waiting on a contract. We got a contract and were ready to sign and the next day, Povetkin’s people said they weren’t going to fight me, and gave me all this BS and wanted to pay me pennies to go over there and fight him. The offer made me a little angry at first because I knew that I would have to knock him out to win or they would rob me, but I felt it would be a great opportunity for me to go over there and showcase my talents again. I want to beat Povetkin, get into the top ten and climb in with Wladimir Klitschko and knocking him the f*ck out.

BH: Why do you feel that Povetkin’s people said yes, then came back and declined to fight you?

 To be honest, I think it was Teddy Atlas, I think his management was cool with the fight, then I think Teddy caught wind of it, and Teddy Atlas said no, because Atlas knows that Dominick Guinn is back, and that my mind is right and I am back on my way to the top, and whoever you put in front of me I am either going to beat the hell out of them or knock them out.

BH: You are on a four fight win streak, you haven’t banged out four consecutive wins since 2003, what is the difference now with you, then the past few years where you went back and forth with the wins and losses?

 To be totally honest with you, my mind is back in it, there were some things that happened in boxing that took it away from me and I fell out of love with boxing, but now I am back in love with boxing and nothing is going to stop me now. I have been boxing all my life and loved it, but a few things happened in my professional career and it was hard for me to let go, and every time I got in the ring it all came back to me. The James Toney fight, I was there, but I was hurt in that fight, but Toney did beat me and my mind was in the fight. But the rest of them I lost I felt that I wasn’t there.

I am here now, and I am ready to fight, my new quote is that I am the next true American heavyweight champion to bring the belts home, so get behind me now.

BH: What are your thoughts on the Eddie Chambers versus Wladimir Klitschko fight?

I think he deserves it, Eddie Chambers has done everything to deserve the title show, now I don’t think he is going to beat Klitschko, I don’t think he is strong enough to beat him. Now I like Eddie, and I am not taking anything away from him, so I hope when he reads this he doesn’t think that I am hating on him, because what I mean is, Eddie is strong enough to hold a threat to Klitschko to make Klitschko come into the fight nervous. You have to make Klitschko nervous with power, Eddie doesn’t have that. Let me fight Klitschko, I will jump right in his ass and knock him the f*ck out and bring the belt back home, then I will give him a rematch and beat him again, then beat his brother and then call it quits. That is my goal to become heavyweight champion of the world.

BH: Anything you would like to say or add in closing?

If you want to get behind someone who is on their way to the top, get behind Dominick Guinn, the next true American heavyweight champion. And, to Alexander Povetkin, I guess whatever bum you fight on March 13th, then I guess I will come over there and knock you the f*ck out. That should give you plenty of time to train for me.

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