Allan Green: Undefeated, outspoken and ready for war!
INTERVIEW By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (Febraury 28, 2006)  
Photo © JD Crenshaw, SHOWTIME
He’s undefeated, outspoken and ready for war with absolutely anybody and everybody! Undefeated super middleweight sensation Allan Green 19-0 (13) has taken the fight world by force and doesn’t have any plans to let up anytime soon. The one hundred and seventy pound powerhouse has laid down the law to his opposition Allan Green style – unrelenting, unmerciful and unwilling to play nice with others!

From his thirty-three second first round knock out victory in his debut in 2002, to delivering the first defeat to Canadian Conal MacPhee in two rounds in 2004, all the way to laying a serious hurting on the former undefeated top prospect Jaidon Codrington four months ago, where Green rocked, dropped and brutally stopped his foe in eighteen seconds of the first round proving the naysayers wrong, Allan Green is ready for war.

For three and a half years the former amateur stand out has strong-armed the division with his power, skill and unwillingness to quit. The Oklahoma native has taken his talk and walked his walk, defeating all in his pathway. And with 2005 producing four victories with two knockouts, and already in 2006 adding a first round knock out victory to his list of W’s it can only get bigger and better for the twenty-six year old pugilist. ‘Sweetness’ returns to the ring April 26th on ESPN against TBA with “the best trainer in the world” Scott Burnett by his side and Green is set to administer another bitter ending to his opposition’s night.

In the exclusive interview Green conducted with the Doghouse, Allan speaks out on the super middleweight division, the spectacular victory over Codrington and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: The last we spoke you were getting ready for your bout against Jaidon Codrington which ended with a brutal knock out, can you give us your thoughts on that victory?

Allan Green:
The fight was a big thing for me, it was a great accomplishment, I got knock out of the year by ESPN and Ring Magazine. So it was a huge accomplishment but as you know I am past that and I am looking forward to bigger better things.

BH: What statement do you feel you made with that W?

I felt that I made a huge statement, I mean it was no secret to you I told you and Doghouse how the fight was going to go that it was going to be a mismatch and that it wouldn’t go past four rounds. But I felt that I made a huge statement since the boxing world got to see the real Allan Green which like I told everybody that they would, and I was thankful for it and I wish Jaidon the best for his career and I hope he recovers well.

BH: You are known to be a real outspoken cat, you don’t give a rats butt what people think about you, you just do your thing. Is that trait used to intimidate your opponents or what?

Actually me coming up the way I came up on the street and not having much of a life, that is just me, just like I told Jaidon before the fight when I told him that I wanted to hurt him and that I hated him and that he was a faggot, I mean I didn’t say that just to sell the fight, I meant what I said. If I am fighting you, I don’t like you.

BH: When we spoke before you told me your best quality was your mental toughness, can you explain?

By being able to cope with anything, and being mentally prepared for anything, even loss or pain or whatever you have to go through being mentally prepared to deal with it and not shelling up and breaking down. Just like being in the ocean ten miles away from land with no boat and on your last leg but having the mental fortitude and mental toughness to make it all the way to land, that is the kind of person I am. I have been with out, and been in the gutter, I have been down so I can deal with it, so anything that comes my way in life whether it be bad, terrible or horrid I can deal with it.

BH: What do you feel your best punch is in your arsenal?

It varies, I guess my jab fits in that category but it would have to be…well my left hook is great and my right hand is great so I don’t know. People has seen me use my right hand like when I fought Sebastian Hill I landed a beautiful double right hand that I dropped him with, my left hook is classic so I don’t know, I really can’t say. Some people say my left hook is great or my right hand is my best punch, so actually if I had to say one…it would be my left hook to the body.

BH: What are your thoughts and prediction on the Lacy versus Calzaghe clash?

If the Calzaghe that I have seen fight in the past shows up I think he will beat Jeff Lacy but I am pulling for Jeff for the reason that I don’t want all the belts being over there in Europe. I am not sure if Jeff can beat Calzaghe, I haven’t seen Calzaghe fight in a while and he has gotten older, I hope Jeff will win but I am not sure if he is mentally ready to take on Calzaghe.

BH: What are some match-ups you yourself would like to be involved in?

Man I would like to be matched up against any of them, anybody in the top ten. We are looking for guys in the top ten. I have a ESPN date coming up in April and hopefully after that we can get a guy that is in the top ten, cause I don’t feel that there is a super middleweight that is out there that I am impressed with, expect for Yusuf Mack, outside of Allan Green I think he is the best super middleweight out there. I am not impressed with any of them out there, not Mikkel Kessler, Markus Beyer is tricky but I am not really impressed with him, Calzaghe is a decent fighter but he doesn’t show me anything, Lacy shows me nothing at all, Chad Dawson shows me nothing at all, but I actually like watching Yusuf Mack, he is a very good fighter.

BH: If there were anything you cold say to the super middleweight division what would it be?

You better be on your P’s and Q’s because I am coming for all of you.

I would like to thank Allan Green for his time, as always it is greatly appreciated.

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