Jessica Rakoczy: “I need to win, and I will win!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr (Feb 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Former WBC Lightweight champion Jessica Rakoczy 27-3 (10) is raring and ready to get back into the win column, and she looks to garner the much needed victory this Friday night at the Tachi Palace & Casino in Lemoore, CA as she steps in for the third time against her arch nemesis Belinda Laracuente 23-20-3 (9) in defense of her NABF female lightweight title.

The two lady combatants have already gone thirteen rounds over two fights, with Rakoczy winning the first one
unanimously, while their second go around was ruled a no contest after Jessica could not continue due to an accidental head butt.

Jessica, who has defeated the likes of Mia St. John not once but twice, as well as Jane Couch, looks to get back on the winning track and settle some unfinished business come fight night.

Although her last go around was a disappointing loss to Ann Saccurato, Rakoczy has assured the Doghouse she has put the past behind her and projects victory to get back on track. Jessica took the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing, she gives her thoughts on her upcoming fight as well as touching on other boxing topics, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming fight against Belinda Laracuente.

Jessica Rakoczy:
I know that she is a great boxer; she can stick and move
and always comes into great shape. I know it is going to be a tough fight. The first time we fought she boxed and moved, and the second time we fought she fought a total different fight, so she gave me every style. I expect it to be a tough fight.

BH: Belinda and yourself have already battled in thirteen rounds, coming into this third bout what do you know about Belinda and with her style that could possibly be keys to a victory that you did not about her going into the first fight?

I prepare the same way for every fight, I feel now that I have had every aspect of her style so I can take both of those fights and use everything from that. And I will beat her in knowing how to fight her both ways. I know how she is going to fight and I will be prepared for it.

BH: You are coming off a very disappointing knockout loss to Ann Saccurato, coming back to the same arena and pretty much the same fans, does that play on your mental state, if not how do you cope with all the pressure?

I think you have to get past it and move on just like you have to do with everything in life. That is the past and I have moved on from that. I have been training very hard, I am passed it and I ready to move on with it.

BH: I have to wonder why would a lady such as yourself would get into boxing? I mean why would an attractive lady as yourself jump into the ring, most women I know worry about their looks and such, and here you are getting punched.

I played sports all my life, I was an aggressive kid, I played hockey, basketball and I absolutely fell in love with boxing when I walked into the gym.

BH: I do not want to harp on your last loss, but with your last outing being just that, how important is this fight to you in getting back into the win column?

It is extremely important, I need to come back and show everybody that it did not affect me, like I said you have to move on, learn from your mistakes and hopefully I can show that.

BH: What changes, good or bad have you seen in women’s boxing since your debut in 2000, and where do you see it going in the future?

More exposure is great, from the beginning you did not see a lot of women fighting on TV and now you see it a lot more. I think that is a plus.

BH: What has been the hardest aspect for you in being a women in the sport of boxing?

I think people not taking me seriously, in the beginning it was hard to make money out of it. I feel blessed now that I have a steady income. It has been rough but I cannot say that is just for women it is for everybody in boxing I think, expect for the few that make crazy money.

BH: If you could send out a message to Belinda before the fight what would you tell her?

She worked the girl’s corner that I lost too, so she is probably thinking that this is going to be an easier fight, but it is not going to be. I am going in this fight 100% prepared for it, I need to win and I will win.

BH: Anything in closing?

No nothing.
I would like to thank Mario Serrano for setting up this interview and thanks goes out to Jessica for her time and thoughts.

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