TJ Wilson: “I plan on putting Travis on his back!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr (Feb 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Daisy Rosas/Showtime)  
Coming up tonight 11:00 PM ET/PT on Showtime’s ShoBox: The New Generation, will it be repeat or revenge as the towering TJ Wilson 12-1 (8) takes on his former foe Travis Walker 26-1-1 (20) in an anticipated heavyweight rematch.

Wilson waged war with Walker this past October on Shobox and overwhelmed the ‘Freight Train’ in round one winning an unpopular fifteen second knockout handing down Walker’s first loss of his young career.

As the bell rang Wilson pounced on Walker pinning Travis in the corner, and after a flurry of answered shots referee Raul Caiz jumped in and called the fight giving Wilson the controversial win.

In this exclusive interview Doghouse Boxing conducted with Wilson, the thirty-three year old boxer speaks candidly on his upcoming rematch as well as giving his thoughts on their first match-up, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming rematch against Travis Walker.

TJ Wilson:
(Laughs) Well, first off my thought are that I am going to be victorious in this fight. All the controversy on the first fight that has been talked about, the controversy was that he did not win. That is my thought on it. The only reason why this fight has been talked about again is because he did not win, he wants to win and move forward with his career. Well, I am going to stop that from happening. He is young and he can come back, he has more time, me I have a few years left to really do what I am going to do in this sport.

BH: Going back to the first fight you know a lot of people have their opinions on the stoppage, being brutally honest do you think it was a premature

Well, being brutally honest I can see his point; nobody wants to lose like that. But at the same time where was his defense for it, he could not stop it. He was out on his feet. And to be brutally honest the referee took one in the back when he jumped in. I was still throwing punches and I was not going to stop. If the ref would not have jumped in, in my thoughts Walker was going to hit the floor, because I was not going to stop punching. A few of those shots landed clean, and he was clearly in a position where he was not able to defend himself. If the ref would not have jumped in it could have turned out to be a Jaidon Codrington type of fight, everybody would be calling the ref a bad ref for not stopping the fight. It is the ref’s responsibility to protect a fighter that cannot protect themselves. Speaking as a fighter I understand how Travis feels, I would not want a fight to be stopped even if you are beating on me like that. Bottom line, I did my job. I did not cause the ref to jump in there; he caused that by not protecting himself. I had him pinned into the corner, it was not like he just walked in there, and I put him there.

BH: Any plans of using the same fight plan as before in just overwhelming Walker, or do you have something new up your sleeve?

My strategy is the same in all my fights. I am more aggressive now in my career. I am here to fight; I am going in there to fight and do what I do best, I am coming to fight and if he is not ready for that then be what it may.

BH: Coming in to the first bout, Walker was undefeated and highly touted by many. Give the readers your exact thoughts and feelings as the fight was stopped for what had to be one of the biggest wins of your career?

Of my professional career yes, I have been on this stage before just not on the professional rank. Nobody really knows about my amateur career, from 1996 to 2000 I was rated number one and number two. I have been to two Olympic trials; I was in the finals in the US championships every single year for four years running. I have been on this stage before just not on the pro ranks. (Laughs) I don’t think Travis can say that. Even professionally, you dissect his fights, who has he fought, he has not fought anybody. They thought I was going to be an easy win just because I was not in the ring, I have know how. I have been in with far better opposition than this guy has even dreamed about. I have beaten lance Whitaker, Joe Mesi, Calvin Brock and Dominick Guinn. All these guys in the pros right now you name them I have fought them and beat them. I just have not had the success these guys have had professionally. I could not get a lot of fights.

BH: What are you expecting from this fight?

To win the NABF heavyweight title and step into the world rankings and make them feel my presence, I believe I will win.

BH: If you could send out a message to Travis before the fight what would it be?

(Laughs) He better bring his A game. I am ready, I am looking to do the exact same thing as last time, except I do not want all the crying, I plan on putting Travis on his back. If the ref jumps in and saves him again before he does go down then so be it.
Writer’s Note: I would like to thank TJ Wilson for his time and thoughts.

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