Rubin Williams: “I’ll give Lacy just what he needs, a little humility.”
Interview by "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr. (March 2, 2005)  
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After months of being open and very vocal about wanting to get a shot at the undefeated Jeff Lacy, it appears that Rubin Williams will finally get the chance he has been waiting for. This Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Jeff Lacy, 18-0 (14) 1 NC, will defend his IBF super middleweight title against the rejuvenated Rubin Williams, 26-1 (15) on the co-event of the Castillo-Diaz card, which will be televised on Showtime 10:30p.m. ET/PT. Williams and Lacy have a past together, both fighting against one another in the amateurs with Lacy having the 2-1 record against Williams, but this is at the championship level with so much more at stake and they both now are much different fighters.

Williams, known as 'Mr. Hollywood', has been in the pro ranks for four years now, six months less than Lacy but he holds eight more fights than the champion. Williams, who is a superb boxer, went on a nineteen bout win streak before facing a humiliating first round knockout loss in June of ’03 at the hands of Epifanio Mendoza. Since then the twenty-eight year old native of Michigan has gone all out and defeated seven opponents, stopping four by knockout. Williams wants the chance to face and defeat Lacy to prove himself in the boxing world and he feels that he can outbox and possibly KO the undefeated champion. Not only does Williams want to halt the undefeated Lacy and strip him of his title, he wants to humiliate him in the process. Will it goes as Williams plans? Tune in this Saturday to Showtime and find out. Williams took the time out of his rigorous training schedule to give his thoughts on Lacy and their match-up. Enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Ruben, I just want to congratulate you on your recent victory over Aaron Norwood back in January.

Rubin Williams:
Thanks Benny, it was a good fight for me because I got a lot of rounds in and then found out the next day that I would get to fight for the IBF world title. Although I didn’t get a lot of notice, I don’t have a lot of ring rust.

BH: Well, you told me six months ago in an interview you wanted Jeff Lacy so you could prove yourself, and now it seems that you will be getting a piece of him come March 5th. Give me your thoughts.

I plan on getting more than just a piece of him! I’m training hard here in Phoenix and I’ll be ready when they ring the bell. Yeah, I’ve had him in my sights all along.

BH: Once again you said you wanted to step up against Jeff Lacy to prove yourself, why Lacy, what is so important about Lacy, why not another title holder in your division?

Did I say that? Well I guess it’s because Lacy is about my age and we were in the amateurs together. He gets all the attention because of the Olympics and got the big money for turning pro, most guys don’t get that red carpet treatment. As far as proving myself, I don’t think he’s in a league of his own like his people make out. Part of it is to redeem myself, and part of is just giving Lacy what he needs, a little humility. We are going to see how good he really is, and I’ll get around the other guys later.

BH: You know Jeff is known for his punching power and ability to brawl, and the only blemish on your record is a first round loss by knockout. Of course that was seven fights and over a year and a half ago, but going into this fight facing a puncher like Mendoza, does that concern you in any kind of way?

Hell yeah! Ain’t anybody who can know how awful it is to get your butt kicked in front of all your family, your friends, your fans and everybody watching on TV. It’s horrible to be lying down trying to get up in front of everybody. Yeah I’m concerned, but it ain’t going to keep me from taking this opportunity! I know Lacy can not outbox me, so his only chance is to catch me with some big shots, and I know that going in this fight, but I’m still going in anyway. I’m confident with my ability and I’m comfortable at this weight.

BH: Jeff started his career about six months before you turned pro, but you have eight fights more than Lacy, do you feel the extra experience can and will play as a factor in this bout?

No, the way he has been brought along, he’s been exposed to a lot of styles and some big venues. The biggest difference I think is that he’s always had opponents that would sooner or later fight his fight as his pace. I’ve had enough fights to know how to control the fight better and not to fall asleep at that steady pace of his.

BH: For the ones who may not have gotten the chance to see you in action, how would you describe your style?

I’m a boxer first but I have a tendency to trade too much. I’m having trouble making 168 and I plan on moving up to 175 real soon, at 175 I’ll have more power and I’ll use it more. But, as you’ll see in the Lacy fight, I can punch at 168 too.

BH: How is your training going for this upcoming match?

Just great, it would have been nice for more time for camp being this is for a world title but I’m working hard with the time I have. I have Chuck McGregor working with me here in Phoenix and he had been just great. I have had some good sparring and I’m really working hard, I’ll be ready.

BH: Can you give us a bit of your fight plan?

I’m going to hit and not get hit. (Laughs)

BH: Any predictions?

Nope, I’ll take whatever he gives me in the ring. If he is careless I might knock him out, is he’s careful I’ll box his ears off.

BH: I just want to thank you for your time, is there anything you would like to say or add to this interview inclosing?

Only to thank all the people who have stuck by me and made it possible for a guy like me to work his way to a world championship fight.

I would like to thank John Carlisle for all his help on this interview, and I would like to give a big shout out to Rubin for his time and thoughts for the Doghouse readers, it is greatly appreciated.
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